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"It's in the lore."
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The Virtual Reality Show features not only a non-fictional, educational component, but also a tandem worldbuilding section. The main source of inspiration comes from many different stories and improvisations and jokes by PHIA during streams and other community interactions. While they began as a series of in-jokes, they eventually grew into an expansive fictional universe with consistent lore and history. Besides PHIA herself, other lore writers include Krayfishkarl and AlickReef.

The lore is currently in the middle of a restructuring. As such, some information in this section is subject to change. The new baseline for the narrative is in the video crazy bunny girl sacrifices you to the god poseidon. Other articles are considered canon unless they directly contradict newer entries.


In the lore of The Virtual Reality Show, PHIA is an incarnation of the goddess of pheet who dwells on a star-shaped continent located on a fantasy planet. Each point of the star is its own unique biome while a large lake takes up the center. A portal lies in the center that leads to the Upside-Down World, the domain of the evil king Rark.

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