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"The spoils of your crusade are yours to keep. But the reincarnation of the goddess of pheet...is mine."
―Zampos to Rark

Zampos is a malevolent, primordial entity made of pure darkness. As a being motivated purely by a single-focused desire to spend an eternity at the goddess Pheetri's side, Zampos is considered one of the ultimate evils in the world. Zampos does not care for any sort of material wealth or place any value in human life beyond what he can use to meet his goals. He will stop at nothing to make sure only he and Pheetri can be together, even if it means the total destruction of all of humanity.

Zampos appears as an amorphous dark cloud with numerous pale yellow eyes with red pupils. Zampos can also shape shift into many different gigantic, eldritch abominations. He can influence the world around him using a form of magic to manipulate the earth. If Zampos encounters a person experiencing grief or a feeling of general emptiness, Zampos can take control of them and force them to do terrible things.


The history of Zampos has almost completely faded into myth. According to the stories that were passed down, when the planet Tevaris was first created, Zampos was one of the first beings on the planet, dwelling in the spacious subterranean caverns below. At the time of Tevaris' creation, the land was covered in darkness and overrun with monsters. As such, this was the only existence that Zampos knew, and he took part in terrorizing humanity who had barely clung to survival.

According to the myths, after Pheetri's arrival on the world, Zampos was overwhelmed by her beauty as well as the goodness she brought to the world. The legends tell that when Zampos confessed his love to her, but Pheetri turned him down - instead proclaiming her love to all humanity. However, while technically the truth, the actual events were far more complex. As documented in a series of lost texts that had been left out of the modern canon compiled by the Church of Pheet, Zampos and Pheetri were intimate lovers having a relationship said to have last centuries. Zampos was also responsible for the creation of Five Bards, a group of five musical spirits Zampos brought into existence as a gift for Pheetri. Together, they also would sing the hymns of the cosmic gods.

After the tragic end to their relationship, a war broke out. With the help of the Five Bards and the Knights of Phiyabus, Pheetri managed to seal Zampos into the Upside-Down World. However, Pheetri was mortally wounded in the process, meaning she would one day reincarnate. She passed her soul down the Phoot Bloodline, her soul growing stronger with every passing generation.

For 5,000 years, Zampos bided his time, waiting for the true reincarnation of the goddess of pheet to appear. When that time would come, he would reach out to an evil wizard named Rark, promising him endless riches and magical prowess in exchange for bringing Princess Phiona to Zampos.


In the language spoken in modern day Phootsylvania, the word simp is derived from Zampos' name. In the ancient tongue, the word "zamp" became the word for uncontrollable lust or desire in reference to the primordial deity himself. It became used as an insult to those who have lost all their inhibition. And for years to come, it would have negative connotations being a synonym for infidel or sinner. However, as the events of the Sealing War faded into legend over thousands of years, the term became much more lighthearted in nature. It would instead refer to someone who has a strong desire to have a romantic relationship with someone else - occasionally as a means of poking fun.

Even so, by some members of the Church of Pheet, it is still considered a very strong word and not one to be used lightly. The terms was known to have caused controversy when Phiona publicly declared herself a simp. Some members of the church even went as far as to demand her excommunication believing that she was actually an agent of Zampos in disguise.

The reason why the deeper relationship between Pheetri and Zampos was left out of the holy texts was to dissociate Pheetri with Zampos. The thought of their divine goddess having a relationship with what they considered the ultimate evil was deemed very obscene. This change was not without centuries of crusades as well as the further division of sects of the worshipers of Pheetri.