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PHIA Patreon

To help support her YouTube and Twitch channels, PHIA runs a Patreon page that offers a variety of perks to those who supports her. There are currently over 50 backers that supports the show to date. Current Virtual VIP members include Baxorn, DewTek, Klukule, Skormalor

Membership Tiers

Discord Role

This tier includes:

•A Discord role that unlocks private channels exclusive to Patreon members

•Once a month group hangouts in Vrchat with Phia

•Name at the end of TVRS episodes

These perks are shared across all other tiers available.

The cost for this Tier is $3 per month.

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Honored PHIAboo

Access exclusive photos such as photoshoots, PNGs, and wallpapers.

The cost for this Tier is $10 per month.

TVRS Previewer

This Tier unlocks previews of upcoming TVRS episodes and includes a print of the current month's TVRS thumbnails randomly chosen to be shipped to you.

The cost of this Tier is $25 per month.

Personal Thanks in VR

Receive prints of all TVRS episodes for the current month and a personally tailored thank you video from PHIA herself

The cost of this Tier is $50 per month.

Virtual VIP

•Get a one our session to hangout with PHIA one-on-one as a thank you (Personalized Thank You video is not included)

•Have your name read out loud at the end of each TVRS episode

•Receive a special Thank You in the TVRS VRChat studio. (this perk currently only available during the development of the world and will no longer be available once the world is complete)