PHIA Phorce

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The PHIA Phorce is a secret organization of freedom fighters dedicated to protecting other people in virtual reality. They use The Virtual Reality Show as a front organization for funding their efforts.

Named after PHIA herself, the PHIA Phorce operates as a paramilitary organization and a black ops group. Ever since the galaxy descended into lawlessness with the fall of the Federation of Stellar Systems, they have primarily fought against a variety of unsavory figures such as pirates and crime lords. While they had previously stayed away from Virtuoso's overreaching grasp, violent encounters with the V-guard have forced them into asymmetrical warfare.

Known members

  • PHIA - The head of the organization, PHIA is the host of The Virtual Reality Show. She keeps an eye on the galaxy's state of affairs and coordinates the team.
  • Fierio - PHIA's agent and manager. He is a virtual life form, having been first encountered in a frontier VR world.
  • Count Kristoph Langusten - A native to the ocean world of Merin, Count Kristoph Langusten is an archaeologist practiced in the Sundew programming language.
  • Clover - An ex-bounty hunter augmented with cybernetic enhancements.
  • Azaul - One of PHIA's personal bodyguards.
  • Angela "AngelHair" Harrison - An aspiring Vtuber that works at the restaurant Seraph's on Yeddo. She joined the PHIA Phorce to protect her father and the family restaurant.
  • Scelara Cyro-Banks - A former accountant at Virtuoso that was fired after they attempted to raise concerns of money laundering.
  • Amy "Clawdia" Felus - A genetically engineered catgirl who was a scientist at the United Committee of Cosmic Researchers.
  • D3U-5 - One of PHIA's robotic assistants that defends against malevolent AI's and viruses.
  • Janet "Eagle Eye" DeWalter - The cameraperson for The Virtual Reality Show who is very technologically savvy and good with computers.