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The TVRS Wiki is the official wiki based on PHIA's YouTube channel and Twitch streams centering on The Virtual Reality Show, or TVRS for short.


The wiki was started on June 14, 2020 by Krayfishkarl and EXXOmixin. It aims to be an in-depth information repository on the topics covered in TVRS, the culture of the TVRS community, collaborations that PHIA and TVRS have been involved in, and any major influences of TVRS. The wiki would be officially announced to the public at the 10k VRChat meetup on June 28, 2020.

Technical information

Main article: Special:Version

The wiki is hosted by Krayfishkarl using the GoDaddy service. It runs on the MediaWiki app, the same software which runs Wikipedia.

How you can help

Creating an account requires manual approval by Krayfishkarl at this time. If you would like to create an account to help with editing, be sure to join the PHIAboo Army Discord server and send him a PM containing your desired username as well as a good e-mail address. The e-mail address is only required for account authenticity as well as the ability to recover your account if you forget your password. It will not be shared with anyone else for the sake of privacy.

To be qualified, you'll need to have been in the PHIAboo Army community for an extended period of time, the exact time being at the discretion of the moderators. Once your account is created, you'll be given the Wiki Editor role on the Discord so that you'll be pinged for important notifications.

Articles we're looking for

The following articles are the sort of topics we wish to cover here:

  • Episodes of The Virtual Reality Show and videos related to it
  • Any topics covered in episodes of TVRS - this should act as a supplemental guide to the content covered in PHIA's videos
  • People
    • Key staff in The Virtual Reality Show
    • Guests that were interviewed or made cameos in The Virtual Reality Show
    • People that were highly influential towards PHIA
    • People that have made substantial contributions to the PHIAboo Army community
    • People directly related to the topics covered in TVRS
  • Tutorials and guides related to virtual reality or vtubing
  • Common terms or vocabulary used in TVRS
  • Memes and other cultural elements used among the PHIAboo Army community
  • Content covered in PHIA's Twitch streams or other social media platforms

Writing style

The main rule is to keep the syntax of articles in a professional manner. Bear in mind that certain articles may be considered NSFW. These topics should be handled with care and maturity.

Current tasks

We need help adding content to stub articles. Please remember to limit information only to publicly available official sources. These include PHIA's videos, Twitch streams, Wikipedia article references, etc.