The Scariest VR Game I've Ever Played

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The Scariest VR Game I've Ever Played
Date October 24, 2020
Duration 40:46
Link YouTube

The Scariest VR Game I've Ever Played is a playthrough of the VRChat world The Devouring by Lakuza. The playthrough was first shown on the PHIAbunny Twitch Channel as a stream.



The Devouring- an entire indie horror game within VRChat and one of the best experiences I’ve EVER had in VR. This is my let’s play I did with some friends (linked below) back in August. It was a 6 and a half hour stream I cut down into 40 minutes. Watch me get scared out of my mind! Also at 3pm US Eastern (after this video ends), I will be streaming a VRCHAT MUSIC FESTIVAL over on my Twitch!! You won’t wanna miss this historic experience!