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This article may contain elements which are considered Not Safe For Work. Please proceed with caution.

Coom is a slang term that references ejaculation. Despite NSFW material generally not being allowed, the term has found its way into common vocabulary in the TVRS community although not under a pornographic context. As a noun, it refers to a childish way of describing spider webs - specifically those from Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. As a verb, it can refer to whenever a spider, also known as a spooder, shoots a web. It has also been used as a term to describe a sensation of euphoric excitement or a reaction to an extraordinarily fortunate occurrence. One should keep in mind that using the word in a way to deliberately harass another user can lead to a swift ban as it would cross into its NSFW definition.

In certain streams of games such as Jackbox Party Pack and Choose Your Words, "coom" is a frequent player answer as the situation permits.


The word was popularized in the TVRS community when the term was used to describe spides in Minecraft Dungeons shooting webs. The word "spooder" was also coined when PHIA was pronouncing the word "spider" in a Russian accent. Thus, the phrase "spooder coom" came into use to describe spider webs.


  • An alternate use of the word "coom" refers to coal dust, soot or smut. This definition, however, is not widely in use in TVRS.


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