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Art by @ameetoe on Twitter
Real name Dalton Dewberry
Aliases DewTek, Daddy DewTek, Dew, Sir Dewberry
Birthday March 25, 1998
Nationality American

DewTek is a moderator and Patreon member who is known to gift subs on Twitch. He makes regular appearances in VRChat streams.

He was given the role "Sir Dewberry" as a reward for donating the most gift subs during the subathon and is the winner of PHIA's signed headset which Pvt Donutz gave up as a prize.

DewTek is known for his photoshop parody edits as well as starting sub wars, often with either Klukule or ChroahCresta. He also "bullies" PHIA by regularly sending her lots of food via Treatstream supposedly to make her fat. In response, PHIA often jokingly says she will beat him up for it. According to DewTek himself, he is "trying to give her enough nutrients to induce the budding process so she can create a mini-me Phia".


DewTek is a descendant of the Knights of Phiyabus, an army that aided the Five Bards in sealing away the evil god Zampos.

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