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"Hey guys, today is a SPECIAL stream because I'm going to be playing @Krayfishkarl 's game "Droplet: States of Matter" Karl is an important community member and friend and im sooooo excited to try out this retro style game!! Make sure you come check this out for yourself because I VOICED ACTED IN THIS GAME which is sooooo cool >w< im so grateful he let me be a part of this game. See you at the stream!"
―Announcement for the Droplet: States of Matter stream going live on Twitch

Droplet: States of Matter is a video game created by Karl "Krayfishkarl" Ast and published under the name Krayfish Entertainment. It is a 3D platformer created with Unreal Engine 4, and it is the fourth overall entry in the Droplet series. The game was released on early access on Steam through March 16, 2021. It remains under active development.

The game features the work of several members of the The Virtual Reality Show community. Krayfishkarl is the lead designer, programmer and main composer while PHIA provides the voice of the character Molly-QL. Other community members such as Ventus and surichan have also helped with development.


The game takes place in a universe populated by anthropomorphic elements and compounds from the periodic table. The player controls the character of Droplet who must travel the seven provinces of the Noble Gas Kingdom to recover the crystals in order to defeat the villainous Lord Krypton and Dr. Ruby Dium.

Development history

Krayfishkarl had originally experimented with Unreal Engine back in 2015, creating a prototype for a JRPG style game called Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent. The intent with that game was to explore what was possible with Unreal Engine 4 as well as how to design for 3D environments. After two years, the game was eventually put on hiatus due to issues with the coding architecture as well as the game's story. Thus, it was decided to return to Sleep Descent once its ideas were better realized. In the meantime, Krayfishkarl would begin work on a completely new project.

Droplet: States of Matter began proper development in January 2018. The goal was to create a sequel to the game that won the 2009 Electronic Game Design competition of the Technology Student Association. The original Droplet game was a 2D sidescroller with only six levels. Krayfishkarl desired to make a fully fledged game that could explore the different mechanics related to changing states of matter without the constraints set by the original competition. With access to the third dimension, more ideas could be realized in unique ways. The game was designed to be an homage to 3D platformers of the 1990s and early 2000s such as Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.

Development of the game was experimental as Krayfishkarl was still discovering what sort of features were possible with Unreal Engine 4 at the time. The game was originally designed to have completed development within the span of a year. It began with a fixed camera angle that would change depending on the player's position in the level. However, after a fully controllable camera was implemented, it was decided that the game would be expanded further to make use of the new ideas that would come from it. A newly improved game architecture in conjunction with a better grasp on UE4's level streaming system allowed for the rapid creation of a large number of expansive, unique levels.

The game first entered closed beta by mid-year 2019 where it was first shared with a select few playtesters. All levels would be complete by then but further polishing as well as graphical updates would still be needed. The game then released on early access on March 16, 2021.

Post-launch, updates will continue with an estimated exit from early access to be sometime from late 2022 to early 2023.


The game features nearly 3 hours of original music, the majority of which is composed by Krayfishkarl with a few tracks by Dillon Perera. The title screen theme "Through the Water Cycle!" uses synthetic singing created with Vocaloid.

Twenty tracks from Droplet's original soundtrack have been released on Spotify as part of the Droplet: States of Matter Selected OST album. There are plans for a full release of the soundtrack on Steam.

PHIA Twitch stream history

PHIA streamed the game on March 30, 2021, in celebration of the game's launch. She visited all the levels in the first hub world Helium Valley. Krayfishkarl was also in attendance of the stream and provided gameplay tips and trivia throughout.


  • Several PHIA sound effects are used in-game such as phurps and squeals used for enemy sounds.
  • A poggers emote was created based on PHIA's reaction to the sandwich item.

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