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Festive XMAS.jpg
Festive ready for Christmas
Real name Joseph Giocondo
Aliases Festive, Joey
Birthday August 21, 1996
Nationality American Italian

Festive (also known as Joey) is a moderator, Patreon supporter and operator of the Protophia Kingdom Minecraft server.


Meeting Protostar

Festive met Protostar through another artist Varien. They played a lot of Apex Legends and became really good friends from that point on. A common in-joke between them is "Bangalore is gonna DUST" which Festive still brings up a lot. He used to listen to Protostar's older music way back and really loved it. As a fan, it was initially scary for him to meet him, but the fan feeling went away quickly the more they talked. To Festive, Protostar is a dear friend.

Meeting Skyelle

Festive had became friends with Skyelle (also known as Erin) in 2018. During a random Discord call, Festive had helped her past a tough time and their friendship evolved to be one the strongest yet. One day, Skyelle told him that she was going on a family trip to New Jersey. Festive, wanting to meet up in real life, asked her and her little brother to come to New York. For Festive, this was the first time he had ever met someone online in person. It was a great time for both of them, and Festive even showed them what real, New York pizza was. During this meetup, Festive had started to develop feelings for Skyelle.

Afterwards, Protostar and MUZZ had helped Festive out in telling Erin about his feelings. Although Festive was friendzoned at first, things worked out and now they have been dating for just over a year.

Meeting PHIA

A few weeks after Festive had gotten together with Skyelle, Protostar had also wanted to start his own relationship. Just like how Protostar helped him, Festive wanted to help him in return, thus learning of PHIA. Protostar told him about several cool facts sucha s her trip to Japan, and how they really felt a great connection from the start. They shared the same energy as Erin and Joey.

Festive then met PHIA through either a Discord call or a voice channel. He described her as "instant energy", and that she was very kind, always bringing energy that can rival his own.

Joey ended up being asked a few questions about Minecraft servers since he used to run quite a lot in the past. So PHIA asked him some questions, and Protostar did, too. At that point, Festive suggested the idea of helping them both build the server, eventually becoming the developer and manager of Protophia Kingdom. He also became a moderator to help from time to time during the Twitch streams. There are some big plans coming to the server that he has not yet unveiled.


  • Festive has such a strong New York accent that even his own parents make fun of it. He facetiously claims to be the secret voice actors for Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh! and Meowth from Pokémon.
  • One of the only games he is proficient at is Rocket League.
  • Festive is a car nerd.
  • Festive loves Christmas, hence his name. His own license plate says "FESTIVE" as well.