How people 'DO IT' in VRChat!? (ERP)

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How people 'DO IT' in VRChat!? (ERP)
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Date June 1, 2020
Duration 6:40
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This article may contain elements which are considered Not Safe For Work. Please proceed with caution.

How people 'DO IT' in VRChat!? (ERP) is the eleventh episode of The Virtual Reality Show. It covers the topic of erotic role-playing, sexual intercourse and how related activities are performed within VRChat.


Video description

Episode 11 is all about *doing the deed* inside of VRchat! Of course, people are driven by their desires, but how exactly do users go about their “under-the-cover” activities inside of VRChat’s private worlds? Do not fear, PHIA is here to share all the juicy details with you ;D Learn all about ERP then how users can take their role-play experience to the next level…

This video is intended for mature audiences!


PHIA: Hey guys, and welcome back to The Virtual Reality Show where we talk about any and all things related to virtual reality inside...virtual reality! (laughs) I'm your host, PHIA. Today, we're going to go under the covers of what you think you might know about the hidden side of VRChat. As we get started today, I would like to clarify that this video, while educational is intended for mature audiences, so if you do not qualify as an adult, please go ahead and skip this episode and go watch one of my own Minecraft highlights instead, okay? Okay, let's get started.

You may have heard the acronym ERP thrown around casually, but a typical viewer user doesn't know exactly what it means to do the deed behind closed doors of VRChat. In this video, I'm gonna walk through the process, but make sure you stick around to the very end, because what's there may surprise you. But, before we dive in head first to see what virtual intimacy is all about, I want to make a quick note. When referring to the sacred act that starts with an "S" and ends with an "X" in this video, I will be saying "floonarb" to keep the YouTube bots happy. So any time you hear me say that, just fill in the blanks yourself.

ERP isn't really talked about too much, and a lot of people get quite embarrassed to discuss it. But what it stems from is something quite common. Role-playing is anything but rare in the online world, and I think most of us are familiar with the asterisk nuzzles you asterisk UwU that gets quite the cringy rep, which is likely those who participate tend to be so secretive about it. The spin of role-playing in VR is that it's much more realistic. You and your partner or partners get to have bodies to inhabit and act as your own. You can then interact with someone much more realistically that way. If you give someone a virtual hug or a high-five, then you are engaging in a sort of roleplay. You can't feel them hug you back or their fists when you accidentally turkey. You just kinda act it out. ERP is just this, but you are acting out with someone in VR is floonarb.

VRChat has an eligibility of 13 years old and seeing as there are underage teens playing this game, acts of floonarb are prohibited at least publicly. When you are switching worlds in VRChat, you'll sometimes see this little warning pop up saying, "Important! These actions can lead to bans. Not safe for work avatars, behaviors or content in public worlds. But of course, in a private world, adult users can do all the floonarb they like. When people engage in ERP, they typically pick out an avatar to dress the part. There's special physics for body parts that can be added to avatars as well as collision so that users can interact with them. Different animations or emotes can also be added as well. You won't find these types of avatars out and about, however, since having one in a public world is strictly forbidden and a one-shot ticket to a quick ban.

The best way to obtain them is by uploading the avatars yourself into your VRChat account. There are loads of 3D avatar creators who specialize in these features that are up for purchase or commission. Just like with other custom avatars, having access to the model files then allows an individual to upload the avatar directly to their account for use in these private settings. So while having a floonarb ready avatar is great, it doesn't stop there. For an immersive experience, ERP enthusiasts will often purchase full-body tracking as it allows for a more accurate and realistic role-playing experience. But what I'm going to talk about next will blow your mind.

You might think part of the ERP experience is just not being able to feel the touch of another user and accepting that. However, there are some people with something called phantom touch where the brain interprets touch due to the sight of it without actually requiring sensory stimulus. I won't type too far into this topic today because that is a whole episode all on its own, but it's important to note that for select group people, phantom touch does extend to acts of floonarb. Most people don't have phantom touch, but there is a pretty impressive alternative. And this is where I think the conversation takes a sharp turn from being role play into being something way more intense and realistic.

There's a technology out there called teledildonics that combines the idea of telepresence and floonarb activities. Telepresence is when you have a set of technologies that when stimulated sends that stimulus information to another corresponding technology in your remote location. So yes, it sounds crazy, but it works exactly how you think. There is a male and female equivalent that is able to sync up via smartphone app from the company Lovense. While this technology is marketed towards long distance couples, VRChat users have picked it up and created an entire hookup culture around it. With a small amount of internet digging or with the right connections, you can find huge Discord servers entirely dedicated to ERP and finding partners for it. Then, they'll sync up their special Lovense tools and floonarb the night away!

People will stop nothing to get their needs fulfilled and floonarb in VR is just about one of the closest replicative experiences someone can get of it. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the future as one of the driving forces for innovative technologies is and always has been floonarb. I hope you feel educated on doing the dumb diddly deed inside of VRChat since like I said before, a lot of people just don't talk about it.

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