How to do Facial Motion Capture with VRoid!

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How to do Facial Motion Capture with VRoid!
Date February 18, 2021
Duration 12:07
PHIA model PHIA Cyber Schoolgirl
Link YouTube

How to do Facial Motion Capture with VRoid! is a tutorial on using Luppet with an iPhone to track facial movements and expressions for VRoid models.



Learn how to do facial motion capture using Luppet and an iPhone! There’s a bunch of new facial movements and expressions that you can do using this method for your VRoid model. Get better quality Vtubing right here! Make sure to send this video to your friends who also are interested in Vtubing with their VRoids :) Also comment what kind of tutorial videos you want to see next. (reupload because of render issues)


  • The original version of the video was uploaded with audio that had not yet been processed resulting in a quieter sound than normal. The video was taken down then reuploaded with the proper audio within an hour.
  • This video was uploaded almost exactly one year from the first episode of The Virtual Reality Show.