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Kray Town, also known as Krayfish Town, is a location in Protophia Kingdom located a short distance north of Phootsville along the western border of the Misty Lake.

Kray Town is a feudal state ruled by Orpheus, a young cat who emigrated from House Tacora to serve as a local duke. It was commissioned under the guidance of the Lord Protector Krayfishkarl, who served as right-hand to the emperor of Tyria.

Points of interest

  • Krayfish Kastle
  • Krayfish Kave
  • Krayfish Kathedral
  • Marketplace
  • Inn
  • Farm
  • Lighthouse
  • Vault
  • Pufferfish Lake


Krayfishkarl, being PHIA's son from the future, was traveling back in time studying the past and taking his role as part of the numerous stable time loops that weave throughout all of the world. After the passing of the fabled Emperor Tyrian, his heir waged a civil war over control of the throne. The civil war tore the empire asunder and Krayfishkarl was forced to flee. He sought out help in the neighboring kingdom of Protophia where he sought to form an alliance. He was invited to the royal court to perform music.

After being impressed, PHIA and Protostar granted Krayfishkarl a plot of land to construct a settlement to the north of Phootsville where he could gain a foothold through making use of the trade routes across the lake. Through his newfound wealth, Krayfishkarl would build his resources to raise an army to one day bring peace to the Tyria. Kray Town in the meantime evolved from a colony into an independent city-state that acts to preserve the crown of Tyria. It has seen many visitors from all over Protophia and its neighboring countries.

Krayfishkarl had reached out to House Tacora, ruled by TacoCat, to build a new army. TacoCat offered several soldiers, but because TacoCat's island was so far away, the only feasible way to reach it was to pass through the Underground. TacoCat chose three of his best cat warriors to offer to Krayfishkarl. Their names were Orpheus, Sisyphus and Eurydice. Unfortunately, Sisyphus and Eurydice did not survive the return journey, but Orpheus did. For his bravery, Orpheus was anointed as the proper ruler of Kray Town.

As Kray Town grew and prospered, it eventually became annexed into Protophia Kingdom when Krayfishkarl became a member of its royal council. The citizens of Kray Town were conflicted over this move, but it was ultimately deemed necessary. The situation in Tyria had become even more dire after it became under attack by a towering dark beast named Cerberus. With its combination of brute strength and forbidden magicks, it laid waste to Tyria. Cerberus was a powerful being said to be completely indestructible, but under the right circumstances, it was possible to tame him. But it was uncertain that the warring houses of Tyria would survive the encounter. The different houses of Tyria were plotting against one another, attempting to take control of Cerberus for themselves to decimate the other, and they were failing to unite to face a common threat.

With the help of other members of Protophia's royal council, Krayfishkarl would return to his homeland in an attempt to tame Cerberus. It was finally time to end the war. He set up a base camp on Kakaolatia Island where he staged his new army. He additionally made continuous expeditions into the Underground, the homeland of Cerberus, to familiarize himself with the forbidden dark magicks that he had swore off to never use. However, Krayfishkarl had to learn the spells and incantations associated with them in order to have a chance at taming Cerberus.


Language among the people of Kray Town is similar to common tongue. However, there is a tendency to spell words that begin with "C" as "K", a similar phenomenon to spelling words with PH.


The inhabitants of Kray Town share the same religion as that of their homeland. They worship a supreme deity known as Dominus Felis, a creator god that takes the form of a cat. Cathedrals and churches serve as places of meditation and reflection.


  • Kray Town exists as a Minecraft creation on the Protophia Kingdom server. It is found just north of the spawn.
  • The Water Oxygen meme originated in the Minecraft version of Kray Town. PHIA spoke the phrase when attempting to describe the respiratory system of fish.
  • The Pufferfish Lake was created when Protostar was spamming pufferfish in creative mode during a stream.