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Krayavatar by milkyway.png
Krayfishkarl's avatar
Real name Karl Ast
Aliases Kray, Krayfish, Karl, King of the Klips, Krayfish King of Klipping, Klipper
Birthday 1993
Nationality American
"karl is the best clipper, or dare i say, klipper[sic]"

Krayfishkarl is a hobbyist game developer and music composer. He is the founder and webmaster of TVRS Wiki. He is also a moderator for the PHIA Discord server and the PHIAbunny Twitch channel.

Krayfishkarl has obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. He owns the Windows Mixed Reality and Valve Index headsets. Krayfishkarl joined the PHIA Discord server community in April 2020 sharing a great enthusiasm for its applications for game design especially.

Krayfishkarl has developed a reputation for collecting PHIA sound effects which he obtains through clippings of the Twitch streams. Many of these clips are available on the #phia-clips channel on the Discord server as well as on the wiki.


Krayfishkarl created his first two games Hedgehocky and Zackulback Adventures in 2005 using an early version of Clickteam Fusion known as Multimedia Fusion 1.5. In 2007, he obtained a digital audio workstation allowing him to compose music. In 2009, he won first place in the Electronic Game Design competition in the Technology Student Association national competition. His entry was Droplet and the Prototype Machine, then known at the time as Droplet. In 2018, Krayfishkarl began development on a follow-up known as Droplet: States of Matter, a 3D platforming game made with Unreal Engine 4.

Joining the TVRS Community

The day Krayfishkarl joined the server was during the opening of the original TVRS Minecraft server. Not long afterwards, Krayfishkarl revealed that he had been working on a game called Droplet: States of Matter and had been composing music for it. Krayfishkarl reached out to PHIA to ask if she wanted to become a voice actor for the character Molly-QL to which she agreed. Additionally, she allowed Krayfishkarl to use the Twitch clips he had been collecting for various sound effects.

After the release of several TVRS asset files such as the phurp sound effect. Within one hour, Maakuloid (Checkpoint) created a musical remix of the phurp sound. Inspired by this song, Krayfishkarl decided to make his own songs comprising of PHIA sound effects. What began as a small joke took off as a viral sensation, thus solidifying Krayfishkarl's reputation as a sound effects guy and Twitch clip collector.

Around June, Krayfishkarl had pitched to PHIA the idea of a wiki for The Virtual Reality Show. The original idea would be to serve as a companion to the YouTube channel, showing video transcripts as well as supplementary information about different virtual reality topics as well as TVRS culture. With the help of EXXOmixin, the TVRS Wiki was started then officially unveiled during the 50k Meetup, then advertised on the TVRS Youtube channel during the episode OCULUS RIFT S vs VALVE INDEX : Is it Worth the Upgrade?. Krayfishkarl has said that part of the reason why he wanted to do a wiki was originally for him to better keep track of the lore that PHIA frequently talks about on stream. Krayfishkarl remains a prolific lore writer for the community, actively documenting the expanded universe of TVRS.

Musical style

Krayfishkarl composes in a wide variety of genres. His main music is a combination of electronic, rock, pop and industrial. He also does synthetic orchestral music in adventurous and classical styles as well as jazz. Krayfishkarl is influenced by an assortment of video game music composers who were active during the 1990s and 2000s such as Stewart Copeland and Josh Mancell. Other influences include Grant Kirkhope, David Wise, Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu and Yoko Shimumura.

Art style

Krayfishkarl's style is an evolution of the doodles he would do as a kid. He prefers solid colors that pop out, usually in a cel-shaded style. His 3D models tend to be low poly and cartoonish in a claymation style as an homage to many games from the PSX and N64.

List of works

Video games

  • HedgeHockey
  • Zackulback Adventures
  • Spam Zapper
  • Gweeky's Journey Through the Sky
  • FireWall
  • Laser Industries
  • Laser Industries 2: The Depths
  • Laser Industries 3: Gophertopia
  • Chef Pierre's Cooking Craziness
  • Droplet and the Prototype Machine
  • Seedling
  • Elementals
  • Droplet 2: Fusion Power
  • Porpoise Frenzy
  • Eraser
  • Zackulback Adventures (2014)
  • Maze Hockey
  • Porpoise A Civil War
  • Regular Pong
  • Tower Defense Krayfish Version
  • Krayfish Math
  • Ultimate Quest
  • Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent (2017 Prototype)
  • Droplet: Hackathon Edition
  • Droplet: States of Matter
  • Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent

Game mods

  • SkyScape - RuneScape in Skyrim - level designer
  • Mario and the Five Disciples of Bowser

Online literature

  • Galactic Crucibles
  • Erudite Tales
  • Krayverse
  • TVRS Wiki


Official releases

  • Droplet: States of Matter Selected OST
    • Through the Water Cycle!
    • Autumn Hills
    • Borealis Vista
    • Glacial Drift
    • Neon Badlands
    • Molten Rock
    • Fireworks Festival
    • Corona Run
    • Temple of Sobek
    • Cretaceous Caldera
    • Pleistocene Plateau
    • Toxic Bog
    • Haunted Shipyard
    • Radon Industries
    • Plasma Ride
    • Showdown with Lord Krypton
    • Lucky Cyberpunk
    • Radiant Reactor
    • Sinister Science
    • Dr. Ruby Dium Phase 3



  • Krayfishkarl's favorite colors are blue and silver.
  • He is 6'8" or 80 centimeters tall.
  • He experiences phantom touch and mirror-touch synesthesia.
  • Krayfishkarl appeared in RuneScape's fan letter series Postbag from the Hedge in Issue 44 having received a reply from the character Yk'Lagor the Thunderous. Although the Postbag from the Hedge has been discontinued, the original verbatim text is preserved on RuneScape Wiki.
  • He also appears as "Karl Ast" in the credits of the game Yooka-Laylee as one of the backers.
  • He met James Rolfe, also known as the "Angry Video Game Nerd", at a convention where Krayfishkarl got his copy of Dragon's Lair on the NES autographed.
  • Krayfishkarl is a descendant of Leopoldo Carrillo, an entrepreneur and pioneer from the 19th century that played a role in the founding of the city of Tucson, Arizona.

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