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"It's in the lore."
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The Virtual Reality Show features an extensive community lore. While TVRS is primarily a non-fictional, educational show, PHIA often comes up with many different stories on the fly during streams. These stories are often information about PHIA and her relationships with other members of the TVRS community both real and fictitious. These stories quickly evolved into an extensive universe with a complex history.


The lore is reconciled into two major tiers. They are known as PHIA canon (P-canon) and Protophia canon (K-canon). If the two tiers of canon contradict one another, then P-canon takes priority. The articles on the wiki will generally be written with the two tiers blended together seamlessly. Significant differences or contradictions will only be pointed out as necessary.

PHIA canon

PHIA canon, also known as P-canon, consists of all lore directly provided by PHIA herself. These can be one of many things: real world events, prewritten text to set the stage for a story, future aspirations or fantasies, or spontaneous comments made during streams. P-canon is highly complex in that it blends together reality and fiction. That is, the fictional universe that is derived from TVRS often spills over into the real world. This is consistent with PHIA's philosophy of her being both a real and virtual girl.

For example, the origin of the phoot meme is based on true events, but when talked about on the PHIA Discord server or the PHIAbunny Twitch channel - it often sees frequent exaggerations played for laughs. P-canon also blends together a few of PHIA's life goals and far future hypothetical scenarios. Examples include ruling Mars as its queen or being an incarnation of the goddess of pheet.

Protophia canon

Main article: Lore:Protophia

Protophia canon, also known as K-canon, is an attempt on behalf of Krayfishkarl to reconcile the lore of P-canon into a consistent timeline and continuity while making additional extrapolations based on P-canon statements. It consists of the lore related to the setting of Protophia Kingdom - the fictional universe initially created by PHIA and Protostar that served as the basis of the Minecraft server.

Although the premise of the world of Protophia is considered P-canon, many facets of its worldbuilding are considered K-canon. Additionally, K-canon removes references to copyrighted characters. For example, while Peter Griffin is P-canon, within K-canon, a different yet similar character takes his place. Direct references to Minecraft are also replaced with original material. The world of the K-canon version is not a literal representation of the locations and events on the Minecraft server.

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