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Al-Ghato is a desert city-state built around an oasis. It is surrounded by walls as a means of repelling invaders and other hostile creatures. It is the capital of the Khatt-Ghorl Empire.

The name "Al-Ghato" comes from a divergent Khatt dialect which has a double meaning. It translates to both "cat village" and "land of sound". The latter term comes from the fact that the town is home to the Darkseers who rely on psychic abilities and environmental sounds to perceive the world around them.

Points of interest

Darkseer Monastery

A monastery atop a cliff that overlooks the town. The monks here wear blindfolds to hone their abilities to perceive the world without the need of sight while also training themselves in combat. Both humans and cats serve as monks.

It is tradition for the Darkseers to make a pilgrimage to the Temple of the Horn (or as they call it, the Temple of Darkness) at least once in their lifetime and recite a prayer there. With the uneasy tensions with the Tyrian Empire, this has become a very difficult task even more so considering the hostile environment. Despite that, a group of Darkseers have chosen to remain at the temple, serving as gatekeepers to warn foolhardy adventurers.

Phoot Coliseum

Al-Ghato is home to the Phoot Coliseum, a great gathering place build centuries ago where gladiator tournaments are held. It is located near the western border of the town, considerably close to Phootsville separated by only a mountain range that casts a rainshadow towards the desert.

Historically, lions were a primary combatant in the coliseum, many either enslaved or entirely volunteering to be pit fighters. Over the many years, their population has dwindled. As such, there are very few lions in Phootsylvania today. The few that remain have become so accustomed to fighting as warriors that they have shown little interest in repopulating.


  • The name Al-Ghato is derived from the following:
    • Elgato, one of PHIA's sponsors.
    • "El gato", the Spanish word for cat.
    • The Arabian word "Al" which means "the", a common prefix in many Arabian names.