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Bakania, also known as the Bakanian Magocracy is a land comprising of Phootsylvania's southwestern portion. Bakania is a wealthy country built upon the rich soils of the volcanic lowlands of Phootsylvania. Having made efficient use of the Underground, they have developed one of the most widespread trading networks in all of Tevaris.

A great volcano overlooks the capital city of Charbron. Eruptions are fairly frequent, but the heat emanating from it has been utilized as a power source. Being so close to the Desert Region geographically, it shares much of its drier climate although it has a greater degree of greenery. Occasional pools of lava dot the surface as a result of volcanic activity, though right next to them are hot springs and geysers.

Bakania is ruled by a council of Five Magisters, a group of individuals that are elected meritocratically based on who is the most knowledgeable in the ways of the Five Bards.



The capital city of Charbron is a large city that seamlessly integrates magical spells and enchantments into its architecture. Houses are of bizarre shapes and some structures are somehow bigger on the inside. A shopping center with all manner of exotic goods is one of the cities highlights. The exotic goods used here are often used as ingredients for all manner of spells.

Charbron is also home to the Sorcerer's Guild where all manner of arcane research takes place. Many descendants of the Five Bards congregate here to conduct magical experiments.

One popular attraction are hot springs. Visitors from all over Phootsylvania come to relax here.

Inverted Tower

A peculiar tower where the entrance to the Underground is actually at the top floor. It was an artificially created portal. The tower was built as a conduit that could channel the energies from the Underground to fuel the complex incantations and spells performed in Bakania. However, it is a very dangerous location as the occasional monster from the Underground or a raiding party of Orcs will slip out every now and then.

Mansion of the Cult of Shi

A renegade faction of Bakania where the most forbidden, most vile types of magic is studied. PHIA and other knights of Phiyabus raided the mansion. The Mansion is found deep within the woods.

Temple of the Drums

The Temple of the Drums is found in the heart of Bakania. It is located deep within Mt. Bakano suspended above a pool of magma. A magical aura surrounding the temple keeps the immediate area just cool enough within it. However, those without proper protection against the volcano’s heat will burn up.

The interior of the temple has many trials based around fire and earth.