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The Republic of Borealia is a large country located within the Ice Mountains region found in northern Phootsylvania. The Republic of Borealia is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the horse lord King Equestus. The land is also the native home of the polar bears as well as mythical creatures known as yetis.

The southern portions of the continent contain taigas that have temperate summers. Plains and pine forests extend for miles with rugged mountain ranges to the north. The further north one travels, the more snow cover can be found with permafrost and offshore icebergs at the furthest tip. The taller mountains found in the northernmost areas are the result of two continental plates pushing against one another.

On clear nights, an aurora borealis flashes vibrantly in the sky illuminating the night hence the name of the region.


Borealia was founded some time after the fall of Dactylus. It was the result of a series of pioneers that resettled the land after the end of the 100 year winter - an event caused by King Farbauti in order to defeat the Tyrian Empire. In addition, King Farbauti had dabbled in necromancy, casting spells on his soldiers to bring them back to life over and over again even after dying so as to maintain his army. Centuries later, these undead soldiers still wander the land, attacking anyone on sight out of a mix of grief and anger.

Though efforts to reclaim the land have been overall successful, there still exist remote areas where the undead shamble about. As such, traveling the wilderness is still dangerous, and the Borealia has yet to officially claim those areas as part of their territory.


Arctida City

Arctida City is a well-fortified city built to withstand attacks from dragons. A great stone wall surrounds it with watchtowers posted all throughout. Within the walls is a town plaza as well as a castle home to the horse lord King Equestus.

Also found here is the Twin Donkeys Inn. As the name of the inn implies, two donkeys run the place serving as a bartender and innkeeper. Additionally, the Twin Donkeys Inn is home to the Assassin's Guild which consists of the last surviving members of House Xerxes - lead by Darius Xerxes, the son of the late Tyrian Emperor.

Mt. Ouroboros

Located in the taiga regions, Mt. Ouroboros is the lair of the Ebony Dragon, Mavros. Mt. Ouroboros used to be home to a great city of polar bears many centuries ago. However, when Mavros was disturbed, he laid waste to the city below, leaving only charred remains of stone structures. The mountain itself is mostly bare with very little if any signs of flora or fauna. It is said that the fiery breath of Mavros was so intense that it prevented anything from being able to grow in the region ever again.

Deep within Mt. Ouroboros are a series of enormous caverns known as the Selene Caves. A large number of Lunarians have gathered in these caves, strangely indifferent about Mavros' fury.

Old Arctida

Old Arctida was the former home of the polar bear race. They dwelled at the base of Mt. Ouroboros until the city was destroyed by Mavros. In the centuries since this time, the ruins have frozen over.

Skrymir Village

Skrymir Village is a location found near the base of Mt. Glacia. It started off as a war settlement when the ancient polar bears during the Elemental Crusades, when a war was fought to push back the Ice Elementals - creatures responsible for bringing upon 1,000 years of winter in the Borealia province. After the war ended, the settlement was never dismantled. Under the leadership of Chief Kuro, the polar bears remain in the region still vigilant and ready for battle.

Mt. Glacia

Named after one of the Five Bards, Mt. Glacia is the tallest mountain in the world. It is located at the northernmost tip of the continent, standing alone from the nearest mountain ranges. The waters nearby are filled with floating sheets of ice.

At the summit of the mountain is the Temple of the Celeste that houses the sacred instrument used by Glacia the Queen of Snow. An eternal blizzard protects it from unwanted intruders. The Temple itself contains trials involving sliding on ice as well as using mirrors to reflect off of crystals to open passageways.