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Below is the cosmology of the universe which the planet Tevaris exists in.


The Elder Goddess Sophos lay in a deep slumber. In her dreams sprung forth countless worlds filled with life across every corner of the universe. An entity known only as the Chronicler spent many years observing and studying these dreams. He was a guardian, watcher and protector.

However, when Sophos began to dream up nightmarish terrors, the Chronicler became utterly terrified. One such evil known as Nakuruzu, took the appearance of formless masses of dark energy, swallowed up whole worlds, dragging them into darkness where they'd vanish forever. The universe would soon come to an end, and Sophos was in danger of being trapped in a catatonic state - where no new life would appear again.

The Chronicler knew of only one solution. He woke Sophos from her slumber. Every world disappeared all at once, stopping the nightmares, but also putting all the inhabitants of the universe including the Chronicler himself in limbo. Sophos found herself greeted by the sight of absolute nothingness as she had faint recollections of the vivid dreams she had.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not fall back asleep. She despaired that there would be no way to bring back her dear creations, until she thought of an answer. This time, Sophos split the difference by bringing her dreams into her current layer of reality. The first dream she brought back would be the Chronicler, the only being besides herself with any memory of the previous universe. And yet, his memory was incomplete, for Nakuruzu had destroyed far too many worlds. Thus, Sophos chose to create a new universe - similar to the one of her dreams, but not the exact same. She consulted the Chronicler and began her work.

Sophos created multiple lesser gods to delegate her tasks. Through their voices, these gods sang new worlds and new life into existence. When Sophos' work was done, she took her rest at the center of the universe inside a massive star.