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"The Spirit of Wealth not only gives generously but also affects the lives of others around it, giving them the wealth charm which includes the side effects of a bountiful diet."
―Sir Dewberry

Dobani, also known as the Spirit of Wealth, is an entity created by the goddess Pheetri when she first arrived on Tevaris. Dobani was the means in which Pheetri helped to bring food and other gifts to the humans that struggled to survive the once hostile, monster-filled world that the planet used to be. Among being a generous gift giver, the Spirit of Wealth also bestows the wealth charm to those within the vicinity. The wealth charm is a magical spell with the notable side effect of making a person feel as if they have a full stomach from eating a bountiful meal. As such, the Spirit of Wealth was responsible for curing much of the famine that plagued early Tevaris history.


Dobani seemingly vanished for centuries after the Sealing War that resulted in Pheetri's death. Dobani, with no mistress to serve, went into exile, looking for someone to give his gifts to. He disguised himself as a wandering traveler who would give bread and fish to the poor, but his sightings became more and more rare. However, Dobani's influence inspired a group of monks - the Order of Dobani. These monks live simple lives, but give extraordinary gifts to those in need. Over the centuries along with general language changes, the name "Dobani" would become "Dewberry", thus giving rise to the Dewberries, a bloodline of knights known for their heroic deeds and generosity.

Sometime after PHIA was discovered to be Pheetri reincarnated, one of her personal guard was also discovered to be the incarnation of Dobani. This knight, known as Sir Dewberry, inherited some of Dobani's abilities such as being able to cast the wealth charm. Being a bit of a prankster, Sir Dewberry would repeatedly cast the wealth charm on PHIA for the laughs. While it was mostly harmless fun, the Church of Pheet was not very tolerant. They caught on to Dewberry's antics and threatened to excommunicate him. However, as Sir Dewberry was a good friend of PHIA, she proposed an alternative: to challenge him to a duel to prove himself in close combat.

The two of them fought in Phoot Coliseum, and ultimately, Sir Dewberry emerged victorious. As a result, his life was spared, and the Spirit of Wealth would continue on.