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The Forest Kingdom is a region of Phootsylvania directly southwest of Phootsville. It is a land ruled by King Anthos from within a giant beehive that serves as a capital. The oldest kingdom in Phootsylvania, it is a wooded land filled with towering trees, giant mushrooms and several swamps. A mystical aura fills the air as everything around seems alive. At night, the bioluminescent mushrooms light up in many different colors as mischievous fairies, elves and goblins sneak about.

The Forest Kingdom is a peaceful place that served as a sanctuary to those looking to escape from the wrath of Zampos during the Sealing War. The Forest Kingdom’s primary inhabitants include numerous talking forest critters. Bees, rabbits, squirrels, deer and songbirds are the most common citizens. In the swamps, crocodiles and frogs live.


The Forest Kingdom is a place of humble, simplistic lifestyles. Everything in it is built harmoniously with nature. Houses are constructed directly into either trees or into small caves.

The Forest Kingdom has adopted the currency used in Phootsville. They are gold coins with phoot emblems on them. Honey and giant mushrooms are major exports from the Forest Kingdom. The Forest Kingdom also has a sophisticated gondola system that goes throughout the whole kingdom. Another alternative transportation means is using canoes to travel the various rivers.


Great Beehive

The Great Beehive is the capital of the Forest Kingdom. It is a giant beehive that acts as a castle. The Bee King Anthos rules here.

Lagomor Village

Also known as the Village of Rabbits, Lagomor is a place where rabbits live as equals to humans. Houses in Lagomor look like rabbit holes. They have wooden doors that go into the ground into dirt tunnels that are surprisingly clean. There is a tavern known as the Bean & Peanut where various ales and food are served. Beans, pizza and peanuts are common foods that are served here.

As a child, PHIA was raised here under the care of Ms. Bunny. It is a small village that has been mostly quiet and uneventful until an evil witch named Lupindia Wolfmoon began to terrorize it - stealing the feet from the native rabbits.

Misty Lake

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The Misty Lake is the largest lake in Phootsylvania, encompassing the very center of the continent. Misty Lake is the primary waterborne outlet from which the Forest Kingdom reaches out to other provinces. Many different rivers flow into the Misty Lake allowing easy boat transportation all throughout the Forest Kingdom.

Everglade Town

Everglade Town is a port town located along the coastline of the Misty Lake. Crocodiles and frogs live here - many of which run shops that receive imported goods from all over Phootsylvania.

Mystic Grotto

A small cave with lots of magical creatures and plants. Ingredients for all manner of magical spells can be found here. However, this place is very dangerous to traverse. Imps and trolls often make camp in this area, and they are responsible for many raids on the local surrounding villages. These monsters often attack by setting things on fire resulting in a lot of burnt trees and forest fires in the nearby vicinity.

Corrupted Swamp

A place of the Forest Kingdom that was corrupted with dark magic and filled with monsters. It is quite similar to how the area was prior to Pheetri's arrival 5,000 years ago, but the area was corrupted once again due to malevolent experiments on behalf of the Cult of Shi. The area is constantly cloaked in a thick poisonous fog which can only be cleared with a special enchanted lantern. Because of the danger of the area, it is decreed by law that no one is allowed to visit the swamp. Bee guards are stationed at its outer limits to warn adventurers.

Among the monsters that live in the Corrupted Swamp are giant poisonous moths. With every flap of their wings, toxic particles are released into the air capable of knocking their prey unconscious. Humanoid beasts made of moss will rise from the depths of the swamp to drag victims underneath the water to drown them.

Perhaps one of the most notorious of monsters that lives here is a species of giant spider known as the Spooder. The Spooder is capable of entrapping its prey in a sticky web which it is capable of firing from a remote distance. The Spooder's reputation is so infamous that the term describing its act of shooting web has become a vulgar word.

The evil witch Lupindia also takes up residence within a lair created from a giant tree corrupted with evil magicks. Carnivorous plants covered in eyeballs choke the dying tree with thorned ivy.

Forest Maze

A mystical place in the woods that is constantly shifting around. There is a very specific path through the woods in order to get to the other side. Going the wrong way will lead you back to the start.

Temple of the Flute

The Temple of the Flute is one of the five temples housing a sacred instrument used by one of the Five Bards to seal Zampos. The instrument guarded here is the flute used by a forest elf named Silva, a girl in her spare time that would play the flute in the middle of the woods while sitting on a tree trunk.

Found in the deepest section of the Forest Maze, the Temple of the Flute is an ancient stone temple covered in moss and plant growth. Those who wish to enter the temple’s deepest recesses must overcome a series of trials. These trials involve growing plants to create passageways and discovering hidden rooms behind false walls.