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The following is the history of the land of Phootsylvania, the largest continent on the planet known as Tevaris. The main eras are organized into eras known as books - a system created by the scribes of the Tyrian Empire. Any events that take place in between books are given books with decimal numberings.

Book I - Ancient Era

Creation of the Universe

In the unfathomably ancient past, there was no life save for the primordial gods. Stars bursting with solar flares and planets covered in molten rock and lava violently whirled around space. Two galaxies filled with billions of their own empty lifeless worlds drifted towards one another. As the eons went by, they grew closer until they collided. But this time, a miracle occurred. When they merged together, they spun not in chaos, but in perfect harmony. The primordial gods could not break their gaze from one of the most beautiful sights to ever grace the universe. The gods, so emotionally charged and inspired, sang a song together in harmony - their voices echoing throughout the cosmos awakening the first microbes and the seeds of life. The song sung by these gods was passed down throughout the ages as a sacred choral hymn.

These two galaxies came to be known as the Oculus Galaxies as they resembled a set of eyes. Little did the gods know that they were the eyes of the elder god Sophos who lay in a deep slumber.

The Goddess Arrives

As the two galaxies poured forth with life, one world in particular caught the attention of the goddess known as Pheetri. This planet, known as Tevaris, was home to humans who struggled to survive. These Tevarans suffered plagues and famine. An eternal darkness cloaked the land as black clouds blocked the sun. Horrific beasts stalked the lands devouring all who were unfortunate enough to not have shelter. It was a world full of death and despair. Pheetri, shaken that the miracle of life had bestowed these people a cruel fate, decided to change that.

Pheetri arrived from the cosmos and descended upon the land wearing elegant white robes. A golden aura shone from her, illuminating the night and driving away the monsters who were shunned from the light. Upon her foot touching the ground, endless fields of flowers blossomed. From within her vicinity, the air was cleansed of toxins. The clouds parted and the planet Tevaris became a much more pleasant, much more habitable world to live.

All the humans across Tevaris saw her light from miles away. A shining beacon that called them to her presence. They took upon a great pilgrimage to see Pheetri to thank her for putting a stop to the endless, horrific night. But the arduous journey the Tevarans undertook left them weary. Upon their arrival, Pheetri decided to prepare a feast - showing humanity how to farm the land.

Pheetri sowed seeds into the land, demonstrating how to grow wheat. The wheat was then ground into flour, then baked into bread. The Tevarans were successful, but Pheetri deemed that they should have drinks to enjoy with their meals. Thus, Pheetri showed them how to create wine. She demonstrated by stomping her feet amidst a field of grapes. She prepared the grapes into a beverage from which she took a big sip. The Tevarans followed suit and did the same.

The time of hardship for the Tevarans was seemingly over. They congregated and celebrated at a great hall dedicated to Pheetri who became christened as the goddess of harvest. Because the act of stomping grapes became associated with Pheetri, the Tevarans came to revere feet as sacred. Thus, Pheetri imparted her further wisdom. Feet allowed one to not only stomp grapes, but much more. To stand strong and fiercely determined. And to always take steps to move forward. Because of that, Pheetri became renowned as the goddess of feet, or pheet in the language spoken by the Tevarans.

Zampos' Jealousy

All of Tevaris became a prosperous haven. For generations, everyone shared in the wealth and fruitfulness of the gifts of Pheetri. It was a time of eternal peace, or so they thought.

Unbeknownst to Pheetri, a jealous god lay hidden underneath the surface of Tevaris. This god was named Zampos, an amorphous being that appeared as a dark cloud with many eyes. Zampos was responsible for the creation of the horrific beasts that once terrorized the world. He initially meant no malice, as darkness and violence were the only things he knew. But upon seeing the beauty of Pheetri, he became enamored with her. Never before had he seen kindness, compassion and unconditional love. He desired nothing more than to be with her as an eternal companion.

Thus, in the middle of a feast at the Hall of Pheetri, Zampos approached. The guests were terrified that such a hideous beast could appear after many generations of peace. But Pheetri gave Zampos the opportunity to speak. Her compassion was indiscriminate, and despite Zampos’ monstrous appearance, Pheetri welcomed him into her court.

Pheetri asked Zampos if he had come to share in the wealth of Tevaris. Zampos replied by saying that it was not worldly gifts he desired. It was Pheetri herself that Zampos wanted, and he confessed his love to her. However, Pheetri said that her love was to humanity. She loved them as children and did not wish to treat anyone differently.

Zampos was heartbroken. The love of his life had rejected him. Zampos became filled with anger and sadness. Storm clouds filled the air, and with a bellowing voice, Zampos declared that if he could not love Pheetri, then no one would.

The Sealing War

Zampos, overwhelmed with grief and rage, summoned a rain of fire from the sky. The Hall of Pheetri collapsed as Zampos flew into a fury, undoing the peaceful civilization that Pheetri had built. Zampos vowed to kill every human until Pheetri surrendered by professing her love to him. But Pheetri’s heart was to humanity. She could not leave them to die. And so, she stood her ground and fought back. Pheetri decided that it was time to build an army, an order of knights known as the Phiyabus. From the Phiyabus emerged the Five Bards, great magicians with the ability to hear the voices of the gods of the cosmos. The Five Bards were the commanders of the Phiyabus and possessed great magical talents.

The Five Bards gathered at five different points on a star-shaped continent which would eventually be known as Phootsylvania. The five points were a forest, a chain of floating islands, an ice mountain, volcanic lowlands, and a desert. It was at the center of this continent where Pheetri and Zampos fought directly in hand-to-hand combat. Each bard, armed with a magical instrument, played a melody heard across the continent that would seal Zampos in the Upside-Down World, a realm with a portal at the center of the continent, beneath a misty lake. Despite successfully trapping Zampos in the Upside-Down World, Pheetri was mortally wounded. As she faded away into firefly-like orbs of light, she promised that one day she would return in the form of a human. In the meantime, she told the Tevarans that they had all they need to face the world ahead, and that they were ready to live on their own.

Although humanity emerged victorious, they would never be the same again. No longer could they live lives of eternal celebration and plenty. Because of Zampos, the monsters that terrorized Tevaris in the distant past had returned. Humanity needed to survive on their own using only the knowledge they were granted by Pheetri. Even with the grim return of the darkness, the Tevarans stayed motivated to keep fighting, holding hope to the prophecy of Pheetri's return. When that day comes, under her leadership, the Tevarans believed they could unite once again to live in a new golden age.

Book II


Book III


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Book VI

After the end of the Second Sealing War, Phiona ruled Phootsylvania as the goddess of pheet for a time, going on to have sixteen children. However, she died in childbirth with her sixteenth child Kraydin. Kraydin had grown up in exile - considered responsible for the death of the goddess of pheet, and had gone back in time to try to prevent her death. He was even desperate enough to swear allegiance to Rark for a time.

However, Kraydin's meddling with time had caused a destabilization of reality and the creation of a time paradox - by Kraydin existing, Phiona was guaranteed to die. And yet, Kraydin could not remove himself from existence due to his actions on the timeline. Despite this, he somehow managed to break the time loop, allowing himself to exist while sparing Phiona from death. This caused a break in reality which drew the attention of Nakuruzu - a demon that Phiona had accidentally unleashed years earlier. He had been methodically destroying planets one by one, planning to save Tevaris for last. However, with the new destabilization of reality, Nakuruzu amassed enormous power and would be able to destroy the universe much faster than previously calculated.

Zampos, who was still on tense terms with Phiona's previous incarnation of Pheetri, decided to step in, knowing that Nakuruzu's arrival would mean the eventual end of all reality. There was no stopping Nakuruzu - even without Kraydin's meddling, the demon was destined to return anyway. And thus, Phiona and an unlikely band of heroes - the Trebuchet - even alongside Zampos himself who would stand and fight Nakuruzu.

Meanwhile, Kraydin traveled the Oculus Galaxies - encountering a mysterious entity known as the Chronicler, a being entrusted to the divine duty of recording all the events of the universe. The Chronicler scolded Kraydin for messing with forces far beyond what he understood, but Kraydin begged for help, wanting to find a way to save his friends and family. The Chronicler explained that it was too late, and that Nakuruzu could not be stopped, at least not conventionally. The only way to save everyone from a fate worse than death was to awaken the elder god Sophos, an ancient entity that had in fact dreamed up the entire universe. However, because Phootsylvania existed within the dreams of Sophos, once Sophos was awake, the entire universe would disappear. However, everyone living in it would be spared the eternal torment at the hands of Nakuruzu. Kraydin agreed, and told Phiona and the others of the news.

As Phiona and the Trebuchet held the line a little longer, a great light would shine over all of Phootsylvania expunging Nakuruzu from the world. The majestic image of the elder god Sophos appeared in the sky, or at least her phoot. Instinctively, every human both living and dead knew that this was the end. And yet, every single one of them was happy, at peace, and with no regrets. They were ready to accept their fate. The Chronicler, who had recorded as much as he could of the universe, spoke one last phrase as Sophos opened her eyes. "It is time." And everything faded to nothingness.

However, thanks to the Chronicler's efforts, the memories of the old universe were preserved as a new one, known as the Metaverse was created to take its place. The Chronicler was even able to resurrect many individuals from the previous universe although none of them had any recollection of the old world. Sadly, the Chronicler's memories were not perfect due to Nakuruzu's attacks. However, the Metaverse proved to be an opportunity for new stories and legends to be told.

Nonetheless, Nakuruzu is still out there, waiting to return once again to continue his cycle of destruction. But perhaps this time around, Nakuruzu might be able to be stopped and the cycle can end for good.