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Itolia consists of the eastern portion of Phootsylvania. Numerous floating islands are suspended above the land held in place by magical forces while craters from which these islands rose from lie below. In the distant past, when Zampos began his attack on Phootsylvania, Pheetri rose chunks of islands into the sky to evacuate humans that were in danger of getting caught in the crossfire of the battle. These islands still float in the sky, now home to a new civilization of Phoenix Riders.

Itolia is home to an assortment of different avian species known as birbs.


The Phoenix Riders work to live in harmony with their companion creatures, building wingsuits made of colorful, phoenix feathers. Though people with wingsuits can fly with them, they also mount giant phoenixes for riding.

Every Phoenix Rider has a Phoenix companion. Upon its hatching, it will choose its rider by approaching them. Even if the Phoenix dies, so long as their rider is alive, they will always come back to life. As a rite of passage, a rider must eventually build their own wingsuit using the feathers of their Phoenix. After construction on their wingsuit is complete and properly tested, they become anointed as equals to their Phoenix having grown stronger together. The rider would then fly side by side with their Phoenix.


Angani Citadel

Angani Citadel is a close chain of floating islands connected by a series of rope bridges and bamboo structures. Waterfalls endless pour down from these areas into the lands below.

The city was built with verticality in mind, built around inhabitants that are capable of flying. Visitors from outside will often need to make use of flying taxis to be able to properly traverse the area.

Crater Lands

Once a desolate area prone to erosion, over thousands of years it has regained a degree of greenery. The shadows of the islands above cause some areas to be covered in an eternal shadow where malevolent night creatures will often prowl. Although the Crater Lands are generally hostile, Phoenix Riders from the islands above must often travel to the surface to gather resources.

An exiled tribe of Phoenix Riders known as the Wingless live in the surface world.

Temple of the Harp

One island is home to the Temple of the Harp. The temple was constructed around one particular floating island. It uses the motifs of birds in its architecture. Wind power, including large rotating fans, are incorporated into some of the temple’s trials. Ancient automatons covered in moss stand guard.