Lore:Khatt-Ghorl Empire

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Inhabited by the catgirl species, the Khatt-Gorl Empire encompasses much of the Desert Region of Phootsylvania. The capital city is Al-Ghato. While most of the desert consists of bands of roving nomads and bandits, the Khatt-Gorl Empire seeks to civilize the region through aggressive conquest.

By tradition, due to the rarity of catboys, they are often appointed to positions of nobility and leadership. The emperor of the Khatt-Gorl Empire is in fact a catboy who takes the form of a lion.


"Hengabuh gulugabuzuga. Don't you agree?"
―An affectionate expression for offering someone a gift

The language spoken in the Khatt-Gorl Empire (known as catgirl language) sounded like gibberish to human ears. It is difficult to learn due to how context sensitive it is. A word can mean many things depending on the situation one is in.