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"Pheetri! Oh how I have waited millennia for this moment! What? You do not recognize me? Then the powers of the goddess have yet to fully awaken. Pathetic! When I, Mavros the Ebony Dragon, ruled Tevaris with my iron claws, I stamped out the weak so that the strong could flourish. And when you, Pheetri, trespassed my domain, you made humanity complacent with your so-called civilization. Now, I stake my rightful claim upon this land. Should you choose to contest it, then come face me atop Mt. Ouroboros. For every night that you delay, I shall bring unrelenting hellfire to Phootsville. I look forward to your arrival."
―Mavros, the Ebony Dragon

Mavros the Ebony Dragon (Mavros for short) is a jet black dragon with jutting obsidian spikes. Five thousand years ago, he ruled Tevaris as a tyrant, terrorizing humanity and subjugating them under his controls. When Pheetri appeared, he was driven away into the Underground where he had remained, awaiting an opportunity to exact revenge against the goddess of pheet.

Dark magic experiments by the Cult of Shi from Bakania would provoke his return. Mavros arose from his slumber and lay waste to Phootsville holding fast to his bitter grudge against Pheetri and her incarnation, Phiona. The Ebony Dragon believes Pheetri to be responsible for compromising his domain - his ancient reign of terror against humanity before Tevaris saw the sun. Phiona and the Knights of Phiyabus banded together to face down the threat.

Unlike most of the dark creatures that inhabited Tevaris during its primal era, Mavros is capable of speaking. He talks in a deep, booming voice said to send chills down one’s spine.


  • Mavros is based on the Ender Dragon from Minecraft.