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This article is about lore location. For the real world RP groups, see Metaverse.

The Metaverse is the new universe in which the adventures of Bunny takes place in. After the destruction of the previous universe at the hands of a demon named Lore:Nakuruzu, all of reality was remade by the elder god Sophos with the assistance of a time traveling entity known as Chronicler. In spite of being destroyed, many elements of the previous universe survived through reincarnation but in different ways.

The Metaverse is comprised of multiple planets and pocket dimensions. One can travel between worlds through the use of a virtual reality headset or by entering portals. It is theoretically infinite filled with bountiful discoveries. However, some greater entities seek to control all of it.

Known worlds

Tevaris system

  • Tevaris - The planet that Bunny was raised on by PHIA, the goddess of Pheet. Tevaris has many similarities to Earth though the geography is different.
  • Mars - A reddish planet covered in iron oxide and rust. PHIA intends to rule this planet one day. The god of this world is Ares.
  • Neptune - A gas giant from which an astral plane known as Olympia Nights orbits. It is the home of Poseidon.
  • Underworld - Also known as Hell, the Underworld is ruled by Hades.

Other stars

  • Patriarch - Patriarch is a red supergiant and one of the largest known stars in the metaverse. It was the birthplace of many celestial beings.
  • Yume - Yume is a unique, purple-colored star. In orbit is a space station known for hosting Distant Home - a lounge known for its stunning view of the star. A race of humanoid foxes are native to this system, having the ability to change between black and white fur at will.

Other worlds

  • Zoo Planet - A wildlife sanctuary home to a variety of interdimensional alien entities. It is one of the few worlds to have survived the previous universe almost exactly how it was before.