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Nakuruzu, the Scarlet Urchin is an ancient, powerful demon older than at least several incarnations of the universe. After he was defeated, he was sealed outside of the Metaverse where he was barred from being able to manifest himself.

Nakuruzu seeks nothing but to torment and torture others. While many cultures view him as a harbinger of destruction, that is in fact only part of Nakuruzu's intentions. After destroying the current iteration of the universe, he patiently waits for the next universe to arise so that he can destroy that one too, giving rise to an endless cycle of suffering and despair. Essentially, he allows the gods to create more universes purely to relish in their destruction over and over again.

Nakuruzu has gone by many names and has taken many forms. However, many myths describe as a mass of red, crystalline spikes that rapidly grows across the land, consuming and enveloping everything in its path. As an individual herald, he appears as a wayward crimson-colored hedgehog-like creature asking for directions.



In the forgotten world of Phootsylvania, Nakuruzu was once sealed in an old castle in the Ice Mountain regions. He was highly whimsical and cunning, and also very destructive. Nakuruzu's seal was kept intact by the royal blood of the Dactylus line through the Ritual of Queensblood. The last monarch to offer their blood was Queen Laufey, the wife of King Farbauti.

By complete accident, Phiona released the seal of Nakuruzu. The demon decided to go for other unremarkable planets in the Two Galaxies first, destroying them for the fun while teasing that he would eventually come for planet Tevaris. When Nakuruzu did eventually come from Tevaris, Phiona and a group of heroes took one final stand. Even the god Zampos, who had been hostile to Phiona the whole time, recognized the threat and fought alongside her. Despite this, they only delayed the inevitable. Knowing they would not survive, they worked to ensure that the Chronicler would have enough time to record the memories of all the inhabitants of the world. And before Nakuruzu could condemn the planet to a fate worse than death, the elder god Sophos awoke, and the universe erased itself. All those who were still alive had perished in an instant, but they did so peacefully.

In the Metaverse

Nakuruzu, however, was much harder to destroy. He was sealed away, outside of the new universe, the Metaverse. However, he still seeks to find a way to manifest himself by searching for cursed objects and individuals. He has his eyes set on Bunny, a human-bunny hybrid who was saved by PHIA but was afflicted by a curse that attracts demons. He remains one of the greatest threats to all of reality.