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Nyos Island is a large, tropical island off the coast of the mainland of Phootsylvania. It is largely considered a paradise where many take vacations. Activities include swimming and hangliding and jet skiing. The island is also home to both giants and little people - beings that are identical to humans in physiology but are of dramatically different size. Little people are only a few inches tall while the giants can be up to 50 feet tall.

Perhaps one of the most dangerous incidents was the mutation of Turk into a Kaiju known as Tokage. PHIA had to talk to him and calm him down, causing Turk to shrink down into normal size and turn back into a human.


A common sight in the coral reefs just off the coast are schools of the exotic Gulu Gulu fish. Also living in the waters are Ploodles - harmless snake-like creatures that are often picked up and used to playfully bonk others.


Nyos Island is a democracy led by President Aelex Veerar. Nyos is hedonistic society where the inhabitants strive to live in happiness. Certain substances that are illegal in mainland Phootsylvania are legal in Nyos. As such, Nyos is usually a target for smugglers and the acquisition of contraband.

Nyos is also the origin of the Cult of Reverse Nudism. These are a group of people that became removed from the hedonism of Nyos and formed their own counter society. Followers of Reverse Nudism inherently find the naked human body to be disgusting, and they will always be wearing clothes. The most extreme followers actually sew clothes into their skin through a highly painful process, but they view it as a rite of passage.