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The Oculus Galaxies was the chief location where the planet Tevaris was found before the destruction of the previous universe by the demon Lore:Nakuruzu. They were two adjacent, equally sized galaxies that resemble a pair of eyes. As a matter of fact, they were in fact the eyes of the elder god Sophos.

When Sophos awoke, the Oculus Galaxies were destroyed, but the metaphysical corridors still remained preserved. The new universe that took its place came to be known as the Metaverse.


The rotation of the Oculus Galaxies generated enormous amounts of magical energy. The planets within these galaxies were influenced by these magical energies thus allowing the cosmic gods to have interacted with them and shaped them to their liking. There were countless different planets and worlds located within the Oculus Galaxies taking form of a great variety of appearances. Not all of them were necessarily spherical worlds. Some worlds came in a variety of strange shapes or even consisted of a series of floating islands in space. The magical energies sometimes allowed for some worlds to truly bend the laws of reality existing not only in fantastical ways spatially but also temporally. That is some worlds were known to drift throughout space and time in a nonlinear fashion. In some respects, the Oculus Galaxies hosed not only numerous solar systems but also numerous pocket universes.