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The Phoot Bloodline is the holy lineage of all those who are descended or reincarnated from the goddess Pheetri. Because PH is considered associated with divinity, it became tradition to name every incarnation of Pheetri with a name that starts with "PH".

Throughout the bloodline, the Diamond Blade used by Pheetri was handed down. It is said that this blade channels the goddess energy, and only someone of this bloodline can wield it.

Known members

  • Pheetri - The goddess herself. She arrived in Tevaris from the cosmos and touched down on the continent of Phootsylvania.
  • Phiadelphia - Pheetri's daughter, and the first human of the Phoot bloodline.
  • Phinion - Pheetri's other daughter who was thought to be lost to history. She is the offspring of Zampos back when Pheetri had a relationship with him. When Phinion was born as a horrific, chaotic demon, Pheetri had locked her away. Shortly after Zampos' sealing, Phinion sought revenge against those that wronged her father and broke free. Phiadelphia engaged in combat and destroyed Phinion. However, Phinion survived by splitting her soul into thousands of pieces, scattering herself in the form of smaller Phinions. Since then, people of the Phoot Bloodline experience a great sensation of hatred when in the presence of Phinions.
  • Phaedra - Phiona's mother, known for her work in unifying the entire continent under the banner of the Phoot Kingdom.
  • Phiona - The last incarnation of Pheetri of Phootsylvania. She went on many adventures including slaying the dragon Mavros. She was kidnapped by Rark on the day of her coronation. After being freed by the Trebuchet, she faced off against Rark and Zampos one last time.
  • PHIA - The current incarnation of Pheetri. She is the first of the Metaverse incarnation of reality.