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The Phoot Kingdom is the heart of Phootsylvania. The term is interchangeable with Phootsylvania due to the Phoot Kingdom's reach although in most cases, it refers to the capital province located around Misty Lake, the largest freshwater body on the continent. It consists of everything within the immediate vicinity of Phootsville. The region is mostly tropical in nature being located near the equator. It is surrounded by wetlands and rainforests.



Phootsville is the capital city of the Phoot Kingdom. It is ruled by King Pew and Queen Waffles. Princess PHIA also lives here, actively training in the ways of magic under. PHIA spends a lot of her time traveling the continent to watch over its inhabitants.

The center of government is located in a castle known as the Palace of Solum. Within it is a giant golden foot built as a shrine of worship to the goddess Pheetri.

Another centerpiece is a DJ stage, a place of gathering where music festivals take place. It features setups for turntables and other equipment for playing electronic music. It also serves as a religious gathering location where a choir perform ancient hymns that tells the story of the creation of the universe.

Phoot Coliseum

The Phoot Coliseum is a location where large scale games and events are held. The coliseum is a center of commerce and trade and serves as a major tourist attraction.


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A colony of the Tyrian Empire built near the city of Phootsville although located in a more temperate climate due to being at a higher elevation than Phootsville. It became an independent state and was later annexed after the Tyrian Empire entered a civil war. Kray Town is a port city positioned near Misty Lake where it trades goods from all over Phootsylvania. The town was built Lord Protector Kaladan.

Star Beach

A popular tourist destination, Star Beach is a location that extends across the southern area of the Misty Lake. The natural waves of the area have a calming aura and are rumored to aide in healing the wounded. At night, the Oculus Galaxies are vibrantly visible in the sky.