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Rark is an evil wizard responsible for kidnapping Phiona and holding her captive at a location known as the Crystal Castle found in a mysterious otherworld known as the Upside-Down World. Rark's stronghold is only accessible via entering a portal at the center of a labyrinth located in the middle of a lake in the continent of Phootsylvania. The Trebuchet must rescue her from Rark's grasp by gathering sacred objects from various temples across the land.


Rark is an evil wizard driven by pure worldly desires. He was originally a member of the Cult of Shi before he betrayed and killed all of his closest friends for the sake of power. Thus, he became feared even among other vile practitioners of dark magic.

Rark has succumbed to all the basic human vices, but in spite of this, is highly cunning and intelligent. He specializes in illusion magic and has developed the ability to travel freely between Tevaris and the Upside-Down World through reflective surfaces such as mirrors and the surface of water.

Rark cares nothing for the world other than himself and will actively manipulate others for his own personal gain. He made a deal with the malevolent god Zampos, a primal entity that has existed on Tevaris since its creation. Rark agreed that in exchange for acquiring extraordinary magical powers, he would bring to Zampos the incarnation of Pheetri, the goddess of pheet - who happens to none other be Princess Phiona.

Through Rark’s clever setup, he has made it so that the only way to rescue Phiona was to open the seals that were holding Zampos. Were Phiona to be rescued, it would guarantee a great calamity would befall Tevaris as Zampos would not hesitate to do anything to earn Pheetri’s love even if it meant destroying the world.

Although Rark is intelligent, he is very arrogant. He believes that he is capable of manipulating Zampos himself viewing the god beast as a single-minded creature.


  • Rark was first revealed by PHIA after providing information directly to the TVRS Wiki.
  • Rark bears some similarities to Ganondorf from the The Legend of Zelda series.