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The Skeleton King is the self-proclaimed ruler of the Underground. He is very relaxed and laid back despite his intimidating, skeletal appearance.

The Skeleton King's first known appearance was at least 1,000 years ago. On October 31 of every year, the Skeleton King comes to the surface world with a parade of the undead to give the living an opportunity for them to celebrate alongside their deceased loved ones. The Skeleton King is not inherently hostile towards other humans but nonetheless, enjoys giving them a good scare. The Skeleton King teaches others to not be afraid of the dark and how to remember those who have passed.


Phiona has a bizarre connection to the Skeleton King, and it is rumored that they share the same soul. Where this connection came from is a mystery to most, but the Skeleton King is thought to be one of those two things. He is either a failed reincarnation attempt by Pheetri to come back as a human, or is an intentional divine aspect of Pheetri - specifically her beast-like form as a merging between gods and monsters.

Whatever the case, the Skeleton King represents the taming of the darkness. When Phiona is in the presence of the Skeleton King, she takes on a more monstrous form and acquires strange, ethereal powers. The two enjoy dancing in the spooky nights along with other skeleton creatures singing scary songs.


  • The Skeleton King is inspired by the recurring gag that PHIA is Sans Undertale.

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