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Sophos is an unfathomably enormous entity that comprises the entirety of the known universe. In many respects, it is the universe itself. It is an elder god of sorts deep within an eternal slumber, and its two eyes are the Oculus Galaxies. As such, the many different planets and worlds within the galaxies are in fact the dreams of Sophos. What lies within the state of existence Sophos itself dwells in is entirely unknown, but it is speculated to be yet another layer of reality much in the same way the dream world of Oneiros is layered downward.

Legend tells that Sophos was not born, but formed over time from top to bottom as if being built like a statue. Sophos' feet were the first thing to form, and as such, the universe began with pheet.


If Sophos were to ever wake up, the multiverse would come to an end. How and when this would occur is unknown, but that hasn't stopped numerous sages and monks from attempting to figure out. This has led a branch of monks experienced in navigating different timelines to find a way to spiritually ascend to the same plane of existence as Sophos. These other realities are the stray hypothetical thoughts of Sophos wondering how things could happen differently.

The way PHIA escaped from being trapped in Oneiros by waking up and destroying that world is a grim reminder of the fate that potentially awaits the current universe should Sophos ever wake up itself.