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The Moon is a celestial body that orbits the planet Tevaris. Due to its size and proximity, it appears very large in the sky. It is covered in craters as a result of asteroid impacts.


On the surface, the Moon appears as a silvery color due to space dust and asteroids. But underneath that layer, the Moon is made almost entirely of cheese. Those who have used the Underground to reach the surface of the moon have brought back lunar cheese which is considered a luxurious delicacy.

The Moon has many properties that make it unique from Tevaris. It has a much lower gravity as well as several floating islands. There are ancient cities built by the Lunarians. Their true purpose is unknown, but valuable treasures lay hidden there.



It is believed that the rabbit species originated from the moon having mysteriously emerged from the ground below. When Pheetri had first touched down on the surface of Tevaris, she had brought the first rabbits with her. Several moon rabbits have remained behind, evolving to have a different physiology than Tevaris rabbits.


Lunarians are shadowy humanoids that are completely featureless resembling more of a silhouette or projection than a physical being. They have occasionally been sighted on Tevaris - appearing and then disappearing quickly. The Lunarians are sometimes thought to be ancient humans that found harmony with darkness. However, they had to give up all basic human emotion so that they would not be tempted by the will of Zampos.

Lunarians, while mostly benign in nature, are often frightening towards humans. Not just from their alien nature, but they also tend to expose a person's inner desires just by being in their presence. Intentionally or not, the lack of emotions of a Lunarian causes humans nearby to have theirs's amplified. It is thought that this is because a Lunarian is psychically transmitting the emotions they would be experiencing to others nearby. As such, being able to maintain one's composure around them is a true test of character.