Lore:Timeline of the PHIA Phorce Universe

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Below is a timeline of events for the PHIA Phorce Universe. At this time, it is still under construction and there are no exact dates.

Pre-Federation Era

  • The earliest VR headsets are invented on planet Earth.
  • The virtual reality industry catches on, facilitating the development of many technologies from robotics, communications and more.
  • The planet Mars is colonized.
  • Earth experiences an unknown disaster that forces most of humanity to migrate from Earth to Mars.
  • The first warp drive is invented.
  • Unmanned probes are sent to other solar systems to evaluate the habitability of other worlds.
  • Long term generation ships are sent out to other solar systems, spreading humanity throughout the galaxy. This is a process that takes thousands of years.

Federation Era

  • Pioneers in FTL communication allow for consistent contact between the colonies.
  • Yeddo is founded and made the capital of the Federation of Stellar Systems.
  • Interstellar VR worlds are created after FTL bandwidth advancements.
  • The Sundew Engine is created to standardize VR interactions across the galaxy.
  • Fractal Corporation pioneers various technologies related to the hardware needed for VR servers.
  • The first sentient virtual reality life forms are discovered.
  • The First Singularity War takes place.
  • The VR world of Tevaris is created by the Pheetri Family.
  • The Dreaming Kingdoms MMO is created.
  • Rark kidnaps Phiona.
  • The Second Singularity War takes place.
  • Tevaris is rebooted after the virus Nakaruzu threatens to escape from it and infect other VR worlds.

Fall of the Federation

  • The Federation begins to decline. Colonies begin to secede.
  • Fractal Corporation collapses.
  • Virtuoso rises to power as the Federation struggles to maintain stability.
  • The Third Singularity War takes place.
  • Dreaming Kingdoms is abandoned.
  • The Federation collapses.

Virtuoso Era

  • Virtuoso takes the mantle of a pseudo government.
  • The Virtual Reality Show is created alongside the PHIA Phorce.
  • The events of the Bunny Chronicles takes place.