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The Underground is a series of subterranean tunnels below the surface of Tevaris. Time and space seem to behave differently here giving it the properties of existing in a pocket dimension separate from the rest of Tevaris. Many scholars believe the Underground's creation was the result of magical forces from the OculusGalaxies interacting with the planet's core to create shifts in space-time across the mantle.


A person can use the Underground as a shortcut to travel between different points across all of Tevaris. Some of the more advanced civilizations use the Underground as a risky means of long range transport. Even Phootsville has an entrance to it right in the capital although it remains heavily guarded at all times.

While the Underground is rich with resources, it is also home to many hostile beasts that attack on site. Many of these beasts used to live above ground before the arrival of Pheetri, but being shunned by the light, they retreated here to bask in the darkness.


The Underground does have a civilization despite its hostile environment. It is inhabited by tribes of Orcs - burly porcine humanoids - who are aggressive to all except those who wear the mark of Aurus. Aurus is their patron deity which takes the form of a gold idol.

The Orc language consists of a series of guttural snorts. The complexity and difficulty of Orc language made it very hard to communicate with them which resulted in many skirmishes and wars in the Underground. However, PHIA had a remarkable gift for somehow being able to speak the Orc language fluently - as good as a native speaker in fact. PHIA's ability to speak the language has allowed for many diplomatic missions that were otherwise thought to be impossible. This brought a great degree of stability to the Underground and allowed the construction of trade routes and railways.


Castle of Bones

In the Underground lies a dark, mysterious fortress made of obsidian. As the name implies by outsiders, the cruel spiky architecture is covered in the bones of all their fallen enemies which are incorporated into all the decorations. Within these walls of death and decay lives the dreadful and feared Skeleton King who has an intimidating appearance and a fierce visage, but is in fact very relaxed with others. PHIA and the Skeleton King share a bizarre connection between their souls - some believe them to be identical. Some further theorize that the Skeleton King was a previous failed attempt by Pheetri to reincarnate herself.


  • The Underground is based on the Nether from Minecraft.