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The Upside-Down World is a dark mirror of Tevaris. It is a world where Pheetri never appeared to rescue humanity from the endless onslaughts of monsters. Thus, it is covered in perpetual dark clouds and monsters openly roam the surface. It is thought the Upside-Down World was created when Pheetri first arrived, pushing all the darkness from the original Tevaris to a parallel universe.

It is in the Upside-Down World where Zampos is sealed. However, Zampos is able to act through his agent Rark who can freely travel between the two worlds through his powerful illusion magic. Rark can go between worlds by traveling through mirrors or other reflective surfaces, including water.

The only known direct passageway to the Upside-Down World is through a portal in the Misty Lake, kept sealed by a spell put in place by the Five Bards.


The Upside-Down World is occasionally mistaken for the Underground, but the two are completely separate realms. However, both the normal universe and the Upside-Down World share the same Underground. As such monsters from the Upside-Down World are able to use the Underground to cross over into the normal world.

It is said that the brimming darkness of the Upside-Down World will transform a person into a spirit that embodies the nature of their soul. A good-natured person will transform into a benevolent spirit creature while a wicked person will transform into a demonic being. This effect lasts for the duration of their time spent in the Upside-Down World. It is thought that this is a result of the world's reflective nature. However, with special magical charms, one can make this transformation voluntary instead.


The Grand Labyrinth

While Rark can travel between worlds at will, he does this through forbidden magicks not accessible to even the most experienced of sorcerers. The Grand Labyrinth is the only direct, reliable way to the Underground that can be used by multiple people. It straddles both worlds at the same time. Scholars believe that the labyrinth itself is a coiled metaphysical corridor similar to the ones that connect other planets to one another. The Grand Labyrinth was constructed during the Sealing War by the Five Bards as a means of keeping not only Zampos at bay but also the various monsters from the Upside-Down World. This has not stopped Rark from trying to summon monsters into the normal world using the powers Zampos granted him.

Only at the end of the maze is a portal that leads to the proper Upside-Down World itself. This portal is kept sealed by the sacred instruments used by the Five Bards. In order to save PHIA, the Trebuchet must open this portal using the instruments.

Crystal Castle

An intricate Crystal Castle lies where Phootsville would be in Tevaris. The Crystal Castle is a fortress made of dark, purple crystals formed of crystallized darkness. It is the base that Rark has set up, and it is the place where he holds PHIA captive in order to present her to Zampos.