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In the PHIA Phorce Universe, Vtubers are virtual reality content creators, idols and entertainers that have a strong presence in social media and regularly interact with viewers. The devastating aftermath of the Third Singularity War severed many communication nodes throughout the galaxy, meaning that large-scale celebrities no longer had the reach they once did. As a result, smaller vtubers saw a major surge in popularity. They became viewed more or less as symbols of hope to guide others through tough times.


The original etymology of the word "vtuber" is long forgotten. The term is known to be at least several thousand years old. In the modern dialect, the word "tube" is synonym for entertainment or performance. Further origins point to the use of vacuum tubes used for television sets - a technology more commonly seen in remote planetary colonies. It is also hypothesized that there used to be a mass media sharing platforming named Ytube where ancient vtubers could have performed. This would have been back in an era where virtual reality was in an infancy, a time where very little is known beyond secondhand accounts.

Known vtubers

On the planet Yeddo is one particularly notable vtuber is PHIA who runs a studio known as The Virtual Reality Show which has grown very popular especially in the aftermath of the war.