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Moderators are users in the PHIA Discord server and the PHIAbunny Twitch channel often tasked with guiding newcomers to the community as well as enforcing rules. Moderators are identified in Discord through the "MOD" role and in Twitch through a sword icon. The overall team of moderators has several nicknames such as the mod squad.

As the The Virtual Reality Show continues to rise in subscribers, more mods are being recruited. An application to become a mod became open from August 30, 2020 to September 6, 2020. Another mod application was opened on January 21, 2021.



  • Access to secret channels to discuss the state of TVRS
  • Ability to kick and ban users on both Discord and Twitch
  • Ability to delete messages by other users.


Moderators are responsible for setting an example to other members of the community. They remain active on Discord and Twitch streams and engaging in active discussion. It is their role to ensure PHIA's online safety and to shut down any inappropriate behavior. Moderators maintain order by disengaging heated discussions, removing offensive language and ensuring correct channel usage. Moderators generally help out the community by being friendly and answering questions. They also clip moments during Twitch streams to use in Twitch highlight videos. The BetterTTV app is a useful tool in moderating.

List of current moderators


  • Upon the release of the mod application on August 30, 2020, a typo existed in one of the questions. It read as "Are you able to attend streams begging to end as an active member in chat?". This was fixed within an hour, changing "begging" to "beginning".