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Neptune Shot.png
A photo of Neptune from 2017
Real name Harry Valentine
Aliases Neptune, Megabite
Birthday March 11, 1997
Nationality British

Neptune is a musical artist and one of the founders of the PHIAboo Army. He encountered PHIA in person during a trip to see Porter Robinson and other artists at Second Sky. Neptune created the song Voyager (feat. PHIA) which features PHIA on the vocals, as well as it's VIP. He was once a moderator of the PHIAboo Army


Studio Albums

  • New Horizons (2019)
  • Gravity (2017)

Extended Plays

  • Megabite - Meteor Rush
  • Virtual Reality
  • Freak Show (feat. Lady Valentine)
  • Starlight Circus
  • Lacuna
  • Emerge


  • My Heart Beats
  • Artillery Beam
  • Iridescent
  • Voyager (feat. PHIA)
  • Unification
  • Waterfall (with KRUEWL)
  • Reprise
  • Burn
  • Low
  • Polybius
  • Dance With Me
  • Proton Divide
  • Shining Star
  • Ether
  • Meng Long (朦胧)
  • Prisms (feat. Mirages)
  • Gravity (with KRUEWL)
  • Neon
  • Cyan
  • Lemniscate
  • In Reality
  • Galactic
  • S.O.L.A.R
  • Nexus
  • Yūgen
  • Our World


  • Voyager (feat. PHIA) [VIP]
  • Jameson Hodge - Sweet Lies ft. MIRAGES (Neptune Remix)
  • Galantis - Hunter (Neptune Remix)
  • Protonic (VIP)
  • Cyan (VIP)
  • Virtual Riot - In My Head [Ft. PRIXM] (Neptune Remix)
  • Beyoncé - Grown Woman (Neptune Remix)
  • Melanie Martinez - Soap (Neptune Remix)


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