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"I personally am really glad I went with the Rift S over the Quest for myself last year, because it allows me to do things like playing the fan-made Studio Ghibli VR Demos I featured in a recent episode."
PHIA's Oculus Rift S

The Oculus Rift S is a virtual reality headset. It was the primary headset used by PHIA and for The Virtual Reality Show before upgrading to the Valve Index. PHIA sold her Oculus Rift S on eBay to Pvt Donutz for $679.00. After Pvt Donutz obtained his own Valve Index, he put up the Rift S as a prize for the Subathon. DewTek is now the current owner of PHIA's Rift S.


  • Sometime after DewTek obtained the Rift S, the signature became partially smeared off leaving only a PH. Aproximately one year later, DewTek had the chance to meet PHIA in person at Second Sky and was able to restore the signature.
"My hands were hot and steamy from the shower" - DewTek

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