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A PHIA model is one of several different 3D character models that PHIA uses in her videos. PHIA bases the appearance of her models on her real-world appearance sometimes featuring apparel from Chloma.

PHIA uses VRoid Studio to create the initial model followed by touch ups with Blender. The avatar is then uploaded to VRChat, one of the locations where she films episodes. VirtualCast is another tool used for filming.

In VRChat, she uses tracking equipment - controllers for her VR headset in conjunction with full body tracking to capture her movements.

For Twitch streams, she uses additional software such as Luppet. This allows her avatar to move in real time as a separate app while streaming.


The original PHIA model was created on October 23, 2019. The original 1.0 model was available for free download on her VRoid hub page, but no updated models or alternate models have been available since. The outfit was based on a real outfit PHIA had put together that was inspired by a "Cyber Schoolgirl" theme. 

The 2.0 PHIA model update featured an improvement to hair texture and an updated eye texture for all PHIA models and some minor clothing improvements for clipping issues.

The 3.0 PHIA models are in .fbx format rather than the usual .vrm. They have fixed body tracking for VRChat as well as hair physics with colliders.

List of models

Name Description Model Real-Life Counterpart First appearance
PHIA Cyber Schoolgirl An outfit that is based by typical attire worn by female Japanese high school students but with cyberpunk themes. It features a black crop top with an exclamation mark logo, a strap going across the waist, and a pink plaid skirt. The outfit was made before the purchase of the Chloma jacket. Cybergirl.png Cybergirlirl.png
PHIA Black y2k Anorak by Chloma Blackchloma.png None, model obtained for free for purchasing the Pale Blue y2k Anorak by Chloma
PHIA Pale Blue y2k Anorak by Chloma PHIA had saved up money for the jacket, but it had run out of stock. After contacting Junya, PHIA was able to obtain an extra one though a "Sophie Only" webpage. It came with an additional download code for the black Chloma jacket. After the blue one was released, PHIA purchased it soon after. Chloma.png Chlomablueirl1.png
PHIA Second Sky Hoodie Secondsky.png Secondskyirl.png
PHIA Black Dress A black dress inspired by a real dress that PHIA has though the model has never been used for anything.
PHIA Maid Outfit An outfit worn during the "Maid Week" vtubing trend. It is a traditional black and white maid outfit.
PHIA Pirate Outfit A pirate outfit with an eye patch. It is often used for streams of Sea of Thieves. It is close to historically accurate pirate attire where female pirates would often dress similarly to men.
PHIA MeDicAl Top An outfit comprising of a black crop top with a grey stripe across the middle. The model version uses black athletic shorts while the real-life outfit uses loose fitting black pants. The left knee also contains a pocket which PHIA can use to store snacks. Medical.png Medicalirl.png OCULUS RIFT S vs VALVE INDEX : Is it Worth the Upgrade?
PHIA Bodysuit A black one-piece outfit similar to a swimsuit. The middle is unzipped to show cleavage. Bodysuit.png Phi.jpg
PHIA Bodysuit (zipped) A black one-piece outfit similar to a swimsuit. It is identical to the PHIA bodysuit but with no cleavage visible. Bodysuitzipped.png
PHIA Sans Undertale The model that inspired the Sans Undertale meme
PHIA Halloween A Halloween-themed PHIA model featuring a bat crest and spider webbings to a black and orange color palette. It was obtained from booth. Halloween.png
PHIA Swimsuit A model of PHIA in a pink bikini. Beach2.png
8k Ultra High-Def Ray Tracing Advanced VR PHIA model The most realistic "model" to date. This version of PHIA is used during facecam streams. PHIA ultra real.jpg PHIA ultra real.jpg


  • The PHIA model's eyes draw inspiration from the eyes in Nagi No Asukara. Specifically, she took a cue from the way the eyes and eyeline matched.
  • During an interview with ThatOneRebel in VRChat, a glitch caused PHIA's hair to appear black.
  • The PHIA Swimsuit model was used as part of a prank Tweet made during the Subathon. The Tweet advertised a supposed OnlyFans account but it actually lead to a Rick Roll video.
PHIA's black hair glitch


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