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"I feel like I can just exist as sound effects. Like I don't even need a physical body. Like I just need sounds."

A PHIA sound effect is an audio sample taken directly from PHIA's voice. Frequent sources include Twitch streams and episodes of The Virtual Reality Show.

List of PHIA sound effects

Sound Effect Description Listen
Phurp A sample of PHIA burping followed by her laughing and saying "I did not expect that to be...". This plays whenever PHIA receives a donation during a Twitch stream.
Sip A sample of PHIA taking a sip of water while playing Minecraft.
Money laundering yay The sound effect that plays in Twitch streams when someone subscribes to PHIA on Twitch. PHIA says "money laundering yay" in an unenthusiastic voice.
Give me money PHIA saying "Uh no, I need money. Give me money."
F PH PHIA saying the letter "f" then promptly correcting herself to say "ph".
PHIA Chicken PHIA imitating the sound of a chicken while playing Minecraft.
PHIA Water Suck A sound PHIA made when describing the respiratory system of fish.
PHIA Water Bubbles Another sound PHIA made when describing the respiratory system of fish.
Sheep in the Pool! PHIA exclaiming "There's a sheep in the pool!" while playing Minecraft
Gah! Soudesuka PHIA exclaiming "Gah! Soudesuka"
Where are my balls? PHIA saying "Where are my balls?"
Meat PHIA saying "Ooh, eating meat!" while subsequently eating a steak in Minecraft.
Brah! A sound PHIA made while playing Jackbox Party Pack.
Borgor PHIA saying the word "burger" in a reserved voice.
PHIA wheezin PHIA laughing about "Sans Undertale".
PHIA steam kettle A sound PHIA made while laughing during VRChat.
Ah Guh Guh PHIA making the sound "ah guh guh" after tripping on a cord while in VRChat.
PHIA screaming monkey PHIA screaming after being throw in Yeet Farm in VRChat.
PHIA loogie Sampled from a TVRS blooper reel.
PHIA zombie PHIA making grunting noises akin to a zombie.
Strapped up and ready to go PHIA saying "Hell yeah, I'm strapped up and ready to go" in reference to her full body tracking.
We love drugs PHIA saying "Hell yeah, we love drugs" in reference to the dark, shady apartment world she was visiting in VRChat.
Grgrgol PHIA making a strange sound.
Ahguguguh PHIA making another strange sound.
Please stop touching me you crazy old man. PHIA saying "Please stop touching me you crazy old man."
My ovaries are exploding PHIA saying "My ovaries are exploding! Slightly TMI, but also goddamn I'm dying."
Context Required PHIA's reaction upon swimming in VRChat.
PHIA monkey PHIA making a monkey noise upon seeing the phrase "There aren't many lions in Africa" while playing Jackbox.

List of derived PHIA sound effects

Derived PHIA sound effects are either modified from the originals or are parodies.

Sound Effect Description Listen
SFX Fish Defeat A sound derived from PHIA Water Bubbles. It is played in Droplet: States of Matter whenever a piranha enemy is defeated.

Tuned PHIA sound effects

These are sound effects that have originated from PHIA but were tuned to a C to use as instruments in PHIA remixes.

Sound Effect Description Listen
Phurp C The Phurp sound pitched to a C.
Money C An excerpt from Give me Money pitched to a C.
Fake Phurp C The fake phurp sound with background noise removed and pitched to a C.
Pool C PHIA saying "pool" pitched to a C.
Doot C PHIA saying "doot". Sampled and tuned from her singing Cruel Angel Thesis while in VRChat.

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