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This article is about Discord server. For other uses, see PHIA (disambiguation).
The icon used for the Discord channel

The PHIA Discord server (also known as the PHIAboo Army) is the official server for The Virtual Reality Show. Users can communicate directly in real time with other members of the TVRS community, including PHIA. Options include text chat, voice chat and streaming. Additionally, the server features a number of custom emotes. A person with Discord Nitro can use these custom emotes on other servers.

To join, click the link here.


The rules of the Discord are as follows:

  • No NSFW content
  • Cursing is allowed in moderation, please avoid overly explicit language or racial slurs
  • Avoid spam and edgy memeing
  • Post things in appropriate channels
  • Have respect for others’ beliefs and views
  • Do not provoke drama or engage in unreasonable behavior
  • Limit debates to ones that are welcoming and kind
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated!
  • No political discussion (unless it somehow pertains to VR)
  • Do not share overly heavy personal topics
  • If you talk about engaging in illegal/harmful activity towards others, you will be banned
  • Listen to mods' decisions on individual situations
  • This server is English-only
  • No roleplaying
  • Life threatening situations should be taken seriously. If you need serious help, ask for someone to DM you. Do not post publicly.
  • Follow discord[sic] terms of service

(discipline for rule breaking is up to moderators’ discretion and will be applied reasonably)

✧・゚: ✧・゚: The PHIA way is to be excited and inspired! This is a place to bond over our excitement for the future of VR. This community is welcome to anyone with interest, and I hope you will also discover the thing that feels right to you!  :・゚✧:・゚✧

React to the bots[sic] message below to enter the server!

A new user must then react to a thumbs up message. Upon doing so, they will gain the member role which grants them access to other channels.

Additionally, all chat should be English. This is to make sure that other users in chat can understand one another.


  • PHIA - Exclusive to PHIA. This role appears first so her name can be found more easily on the member list
  • Admin - Role given to the Discord server manager to regulate everything going on
  • Cat - Exclusive to Cat, the main episode editor
  • Patreon Host - A temporary role that is given to the Patreon meetup host
  • MOD - Role given to moderators of the Discord server and Twitch channels
  • Comrade - Exclusive to Hawk, PHIA's real world cousin
  • Brother - Exclusive to Eetes, PHIA's real world brother
  • collector of funnies - Exclusive to EXXOmixin, referencing his status as the Twitch Highlights editor for TVRS
  • Sir Dewberry - A unique role given to DewTek for gifting the most subs during the Subathon
  • Cheer Phriend - A unique role given to Rogue for cheering the most bits during the Subathon
  • PHOOT DADDY - A unique role for PewPewCachoo
  • PHOOT MAMA - A unique role for AngelicWaffles
  • Donator (Phoot King) - Given to anyone who has directly donated via Twitch.
  • Oniichan - An exclusive role given to PHIA's VR brother Chroah Cresta
  • PATREON - Obtained by supporting PHIA on Patreon then linking their Discord and Twitch accounts
  • Twitch Subscriber - A role obtained by subscribing to the PHIAbunny Twitch channel then linking their Discord and Twitch accounts. There are three additional Twitch roles each numbered by tier
  • Bots - Reserved for Discord bots
  • Server Booster - A role given to those who provide Nitro Boosts to the Discord server
  • TVRS Wiki Webmaster - A unique role given to Krayfishkarl as the webmaster of the TVRS Wiki.
  • Phounder - The first 100 members of the PHIA Discord server. Was established during the influx of people joining after the Porter Robinson post.
  • Army - A role automatically acquired after spending at least 30 minutes on the server. This enables users to post images and links.
  • Wiki Editor - Reserved for those with editing rights on the TVRS Wiki
  • PHUNNIES UPLOADS - A role obtained by reacting to the phiaSmug emoji in #extra-roles. Members of this role will be pinged for new uploads to PHIA's second channel.
  • Twitch Notifications - A role obtained by reacting to the Twitch emoji in #extra-roles. Members of this role will be pinged for Twitch notifications.
  • Gamers - A role obtained by reacting to the video game emoji in #extra-roles. Members of this role will be pinged for community game nights.
  • Events - A role obtained by reacting to the dice emoji in #extra-roles. Members of this role will be pinged for events.
  • member - Acquired by reacting to the thumbs up in the #rules channel. All users must react to it in order to view the rest of the Discord.


The rules channel of the Discord

The Discord server is split into several sections. Sometimes, temporary channels are created for specific events.


This category is reserved for putting out important notices. Only moderators can send messages on these channels.

  • rules - A static channel that covers the basic etiquette of the channel. The same rules in the Discord server also apply to the TVRS Wiki.
  • welcome - A channel reserved for notifications of new people joining the server.
  • announcements - Used to communicate important server information, announcing live streams or other major events.
  • uploads - A log of uploads to The Virtual Reality Show YouTube channel.
  • phia-meetup-information - A channel reserved for announcements on public, non-Patreon meetups.
  • extra-roles - A channel where users can react to certain emoji to be pinged for Twitch streams and events.


This category is for general discussion.

  • general - New users enter the Discord server through this channel. It serves as a place to welcome new users as well as for general small talk. More specific chat is usually directed to other channels.
  • off-topic - A channel for all discussion that doesn't fit into any other channel. This channel also serves as an overflow channel from general.
  • memes - A channel dedicated to posting memes. All memes should comply with the server rules.
  • anime - A channel dedicated to discussing anime.
  • games - A channel for discussing video games and similar media.
  • pets-and-animals - A channel for talking about pets as well as sharing pictures of them.
  • bread-chat - A channel about bread, cooking and baking.
  • news - A channel for discussing recent real world events.

Creative Hub

This category is for creatively-inclined users to discuss their projects and ambitions.

  • phia-clips - A channel for posting Twitch clips
  • out-of-context- A channel for taking clips of PHIA out of context and/or making parodies of PHIA
  • music-and-art - A channel for sharing music recommendations as well as for sharing original art pieces
  • fashion - A channel for discussing the latest fashion trends as well as showing off what users are wearing.
  • technology - A channel for discussing different types of technology, hardware and software alike.
  • self-promo - A channel that allows users to share links to their social media such as Twitch streams and YouTube videos.

Virtual Reality

This category is for discussing the specifics of virtual reality and vtubing.

  • virtual-reality - A channel for discussing all things virtual reality. Users can also ask questions about VR and how to use it.
  • vtubing - A channel about vtubing and vtubers.
  • ar-and-mr - A channel for discussing augmented reality and mixed reality.

Help Center

  • general-troubleshooting - A place for all the tech geeks to help you troubleshoot your hardware, software/program, or any other technical issues
  • vtubing-questions - An open forum to ask questions on how to become a vtuber or setting up a vtubing avatar.
  • music-production - A channel for sharing original pieces of music as well as for discussing music composition.

Patreon Corner

This category is only visible to Patreon supporters.

  • patreon-only-chat - A text channel for Patreon supporters.
  • patreon-no-mic - A text channel for Patreon supporters without a microphone.
  • Patreon Hangout Night - A voice channel for Patreon supporters.

Bots N Mods

This category is for administration, and it is only visible to moderators.

  • mod-lounge - A channel for discussing the affairs of TVRS as well as putting out important information to moderators.
  • dyno-hell - A history log for all chat on the server. The chat is named after the Dyno bot.
  • bot-commands - A channel used for issuing commands to bots.
  • Mod VC - A voice chat for moderators

Community Events

  • info-and-schedule - Information channel about Gaming nights adn movie nights or just Events in general.
  • phia-meetup-information - A channel for PHIA meetup information and rules.
  • meet-up-photos - A channel for pictures taken during public meetups.
  • meetup-chat - A channel for talking about public meetups as well as getting help in joining the meetups.
  • game-night - A channel for gaming events that are hosted by mods or by PHIA.
  • movie-night - A channel used for watching movies.
  • Event VC


This category is about the TVRS Wiki.

  • wiki-info - A channel reserved for making announcements about the TVRS Wiki.
  • wik-chat - A channel for discussing the wiki or asking questions about it.
  • wiki-suggestions - A channel for giving feedback to the wiki
  • wiki-edits - A channel reserved as an edit log for the wiki. It uses the Discord Extension for MediaWiki integrated with a Webhook named PHIAstorian.

Voice Channels

This category is for other voice channels.

  • no-mic - A text channel used in conjunction with the main voice channels for those without a microphone.
  • general - A general voice chat channel.
  • gamers - A voice chat channel for gamers.


  • The original name of the server was the "PHIAboo Army" before simply being renamed to "PHIA".
    • The name PHIAboo is a portmanteau of PHIA and weaboo, the term for someone with excessive obsessions for Japanese culture.
  • There used to be a channel category called "Bread (General 2)". It contained a text channel called "bread-chat" and a voice channel called "the voice of bread". While "the voice of bread" was removed due to disuse, bread-chat was moved to the Text Channels category.
  • The news channel used to be known as serious-topics. It was split into news and personal-bizz. Eventually, personal-bizz was completely removed in order to better maintain the positivity vibes.
  • On September 27, 2020, the PHIA model in the server icon was changed from PHIA Cyber Schoolgirl to PHIA Bodysuit.
  • There used to be a text channel called bunnychat and a voice channel called chattin which were both reserved for use for the bunny role. These channels were removed due to disuse.

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