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The PHIAbunny Twitch channel is where PHIA runs her streams. You can view the channel here. PHIA streams a variety of content ranging from video games to virtual reality to art. Users can use the Twitch chat to communicate with other users as well as PHIA herself while she streams. One can follow the streams more closely by becoming a Twitch subscriber, and one can also donate money to PHIA directly.


All times are in the Eastern Time Zone. Times may vary depending on certain events. Streams, usually last between two to three hours, and will sometimes start a few minutes later than usual due to set up and configuration.

  • Tuesday - 6:00 PM
  • Thursday - 6:00 PM
  • Saturday - 3:00 PM

Streamed media


Main article: Emote

All of the same emotes that can be used on the PHIA Discord server are also available on the Twitch channel.

Twitch sound effects

See also: PHIA sound effect

Certain PHIA sound effects will play when a user performs the following actions.

Chat rules

The same rules as the PHIA Discord server apply to the Twitch channel. These rules are enforced by the moderators to ensure a safe environment for both PHIA and other viewers.

Users are not allowed to spam or otherwise clog up the chat with excessive emoji or self promotion.

While swearing is allowed to an extent, one should not harass others with insulting or demeaning language. Which words are deemed appropriate are done on a case by case basis.

Viewers should also bear in mind that PHIA is in active relationship with Protostar. While making compliments is allowed (i.e. calling her cute), users should refrain from making flirtatious remarks or sexual jokes towards her. This is especially important considering that some users on Twitch may be under the age of 18.

All chat should be in English. This is to ensure that everyone in the chat understands what is spoken.


  • During the stream of Five Nights at Freddy's VR, all Twitch sound effects were temporarily changed to scary noises to provide additional jump scares towards PHIA.

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