Porter Robinson

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Porter Robinson
Porter Robinson 2014 profile pic.png
A photo of Porter Robinson in 2014
Real name Porter Weston Robinson
Aliases Virtual Self, Ekowraith
Birthday July 15, 1992
Nationality American

Porter Robinson is an American musical artist. PHIA helped Porter Robinson set up an avatar in VRChat.


Musical style

Porter Robinson makes a style of electronic dance music described as a combination of electro house and synth-pop. His unique approach to composition has inspired many other musicians to emulate his style.

Role in TVRS

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Porter Robinson had to cancel or delay his current concerts due to new restrictions regarding public gatherings. Thus, he increasingly relied on virtual reality to reach out to his fans. He noted that PHIA had created an avatar with VRoid in his likeness and wished to use it for himself. Due to his inexperience with Unity, he had difficulty setting up a custom avatar. He reached out to PHIA for assistance, and the two met up in VRChat to test out the avatar to great success.

These events are recounted in Porter Robinson's video Meeting a very inspiring fan of mine in VR. Shortly after he uploaded the video, The Virtual Reality Show saw a significant surge in growth. Two days after the video was uploaded, PHIA uploaded a video of her own titled Thank you, Porter Robinson. to show her gratitude towards the experience of getting to meet him in virtual reality.


Studio albums

  • Worlds
  • Nurture

Remix albums

  • Spitfire - Bonus Remixes
  • Worlds Remixed

Extended plays

  • Spitfire
  • Virtual Self


  • Booming Track
  • Get Brain
  • Waiting for Tonight
  • Leaving
  • Say My Name
  • I'm on Fire
  • Hello
  • The Wildcat
  • Language
  • Easy
  • Sea of Voices
  • Sad Machine
  • Lionhearted
  • Flicker
  • Shelter
  • Eon Break
  • Ghost Voices
  • Angel Voices
  • Get Your Wish
  • Something Comforting


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