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This article is about Minecraft server. For the lore, see Lore:Protophia.

Protophia Kingdom is the name of the official TVRS Minecraft server as well as the setting in which its fictional universe takes place. The server is hosted and maintained by Festive, one of the moderators.

The world of Protophia is based on an original fantasy setting created by Protostar and PHIA. It was adapted into a Minecraft server with plans to be eventually expanded into a full roleplaying game using special plug-ins. For now, it remains a whitelisted server for PHIAbunny Twitch subscribers and $5 Patreon members.


The server is in survival mode and on normal difficulty. Users can also claim certain chunks to prevent others from editing them as well as to protect them from mob griefing. Items do not despawn. Thus, a player has as much time as they need to retrieve their items so long as they don't fall on lava.

How to join

The server runs on Java Edition 1.16.2. When starting Minecraft from the launcher, you must select this version to play it. In order to join the Protophia Kingdom, you must either subscribe to PHIA on Twitch or support her on Patreon. To link your Minecraft and Twitch account, connect to the following IP inside Minecraft:

Inside the world, you will see text asking you to link your Twitch account. Press the "click here" text to open the link in your browser.

Authorize MC Link to have access to your Twitch account, and your accounts should be synced up. Verify your username inside the MC link IP world, and you should be ready to join by connecting to the Protophia Kingdom server IP. The server IP is as follows:


  • Any griefing will result in both an IP ban from the server, from the Discord channel and Twitch.
  • Stealing from other players will result in public egg throwing and potentially a ban.
  • No mods that enable cheating such as x-rays and flying.
  • Do not spam self promotion.


The Protophia Kingdom server comes equipped with several mods, the most notable being MCMMO.

Some helpful commands are as follows:

  • /sethome sets a home
  • /home teleports you to home
  • /spawn teleports you to spawn - can also be used to despawn hostile mobs if one uses this with /home
  • /chunk claim claims a chunk (up to 6) - Claiming chunk disables mob griefing in that area and prevents other players from editing it. Do not claim chunks that other players have built on without permission.


Protophia Kingdom is a fantasy kingdom whose name is a portmanteau of "Protostar" and "PHIA". PHIA is the princess of the kingdom and is also a human embodiment of the Goddess of Pheet who watches over the land. The kingdom spreads over a continent in the shape of a star, with each pinnacle having a different biome and temple. The areas are as follows: a forest, floating islands, an ice mountain, volcanic lowlands, and a desert.

Proto is the hero who starts his journey in Phootsville, the main town of Protophia Kingdom located in the forest region. He embarks on a journey to save the princess from the evil wizard Rark who resides in the Upside-Down World that lies below the kingdom.

After collecting all the sacred items from each temple in Protophia, Proto was able to take them to the center of the continent where a labyrinth lies. The labyrinth's walls can only be seen in the reflection of the water from the lake it sits upon. At the heart of the maze is the portal to the Upside-Down World where Rark has PHIA captive in the Crystal Castle. 


A dynamic map of Protophia Kingdom can be found here.

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