Protophia Kingdom

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Protophia Kingdom
Current version 1.16.5

This article is about Minecraft server. For the lore, see Lore:Protophia.
"We have some great things coming to the Minecraft server. I can't wait to unveil it all! PHIA, Proto, the mod team and I can't wait to see you all on the server!"

Protophia Kingdom is the name of the official TVRS Minecraft server as well as the setting in which its fictional universe takes place. The server is hosted and maintained by Festive, one of the moderators.

The world of Protophia is based on an original fantasy setting created by Protostar and PHIA. It was adapted into a Minecraft server with plans to be eventually expanded into a full roleplaying game using special plug-ins. For now, it remains a whitelisted server for PHIAbunny Twitch subscribers and $5 Patreon members.

The server is in survival mode and on normal difficulty. Users can also claim certain chunks to prevent others from editing them as well as to protect them from mob griefing. Items do not despawn. Thus, a player has as much time as they need to retrieve their items so long as they don't fall on lava. It also features a plots world where players can edit their own plots in creative mode.

How to join

To join the Minecraft Server, You must be part of Protopia or PHIA Discords. Once part of either Discord server, join the Minecraft Server: Upon attempting to connect, instead of immediately joining, you will be provided instructions to direct message a code to the bot "Phoots#0110" on Discord. After sending the code to the bots' DM, it will reply with a link to the server.

All members from both communities can play and enjoy the server. Twitch subscribers and Patreon supporters will be able to enjoy perks for supporting PHIA and/or Protostar.

Patreon perks coming soon!


  • Players shall not advertise any Minecraft Servers or Discord servers in the public chat. Anyone doing so will be muted for 7 days.
  • Players that spam advertisements will be banned from the Minecraft Server and Protostar's and PHIA's Discord servers.
  • Players using hacked clients will be automatically kicked via AntiCheat. Users who keep attempting to cheat will be banned, resulting in bans from Protostar's and PHIA's Discord servers.
  • Players who hack will be allowed to purchase an unban pass ONLY ONCE.
  • Players that abuse bugs in the game via block glitch, break block glitch, chest glitch, duplicating items, no clipping/camera hacks, PvP hacks, X-ray, and any such forms of unintended methods of cheating will not be allowed and will result in a ban from both Protostar's and PHIA's Discord servers.
  • Players that spam chat will be muted. Mutes will be from 5 minutes to 1 hours to 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, if the player spams again, they will be banned.
  • Spamming is considered rapid repeating of a letter, word, or sentence.
  • Players that take items from someone's UNCLAIMED LAND will not be banned. This is allowed. It is up to you the player to protect all your land and belongings.
  • Someone stealing from land they are trusted on will be snowballed during a Twitch stream at PHIA's choice.
  • Anyone needing help at any point with small questions, please feel free to ask a Mod (Guardian) in game, or on Discord. Please do not spam them.
  • Players must be aware that being banned on Minecraft will result in a Discord ban on both PHIA's and Protostar's Discord servers.


The Protophia Kingdom server comes equipped with several plugins that enhances user experience. The full list of plugins can be found in the in-game book handed out in the server.


Main article: Lore:Protophia

Protophia Kingdom is a fantasy kingdom whose name is a portmanteau of "Protostar" and "PHIA". PHIA is the princess of the kingdom and is also a human embodiment of the Goddess of Pheet who watches over the land. The kingdom spreads over a continent in the shape of a star, with each pinnacle having a different biome and temple. The areas are as follows: a forest, floating islands, an ice mountain, volcanic lowlands, and a desert.

Proto is the hero who starts his journey in Phootsville, the main town of Protophia Kingdom located in the forest region. He embarks on a journey to save the princess from the evil wizard Rark who resides in the Upside-Down World that lies below the kingdom.

After collecting all the sacred items from each temple in Protophia, Proto was able to take them to the center of the continent where a labyrinth lies. The labyrinth's walls can only be seen in the reflection of the water from the lake it sits upon. At the heart of the maze is the portal to the Upside-Down World where Rark has PHIA captive in the Crystal Castle. 


Server Information

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Custom texture pack

A custom texture pack made specifically for the Protophia server is available to download here.

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