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Real name Alex Mallows
Aliases Proto, Protostar Music, Alex
Birthday July 14, 1993
Nationality Polish-British
This article is about the Monstercat artist. For other uses, see Protostar (disambiguation).
"yeah alex is a great teacher in general, i wouldnt be able to do half of what i do without him, if there was ever someone who could give you genuine feedback and actual help it's him[sic]"
"Protostar is a music producer who primarily releases Drum & Bass for the label Monstercat. He has a degree in mechanical engineering, making his brain extraordinarily large. His high IQ is matched by his big heart which exists only for PHIA, his one true love. Protostar often takes form of a blue star boi that is cute as fuck."

Protostar is a musical artist that releases under the Monstercat label. He is responsible for audio and management for The Virtual Reality Show.

When in virtual reality, Protostar uses a custom avatar resembling his logo - a blue flame character with dark eyes with white cartoon gloves added. Protostar uses a Valve Index.

Protostar appears in almost all of PHIA's Twitch streams. Additionally, he does his own streams which mostly involve DJing and music production. He has obtained Twitch partner status.

Protostar also does tutoring services in music production. In addition to uploading YouTube versions of his own music releases, he also uploads his own tutorials.


PHIA first started listening to Protostar's music in 2013 on Monstercat, starting with the release of "Scorpion Pit VIP". She followed Protostar releases then after, being a big fan of the Monstercat label.

In November of 2019, Protostar noticed PHIA from her Twitter interaction with his posts and other mutual friends they had. He followed her Twitter and Instagram accounts soon after.

PHIA was very excited when Protostar responded to a selfie she had posted on November 23, 2019 saying "cute :)" which marked the start of their first conversation. PHIA came down with mononucleosis that same week, which kept her from attending school and work while she spent several weeks resting at home. During this time, PHIA and Proto developed their friendship.

In mid January of 2020, Proto invited PHIA to play Risk of Rain 2 with him. They played twice that week, which was their first voice to voice interaction. They bonded over silly jokes, resulting in the phoot meme, and starting engaging more frequently with each other.

PHIA then departed to Tokyo, Japan on a short visit completely by herself. During the flights and trips, some traumatic events occurred while PHIA was alone halfway across the world. She talked on the phone several times with Proto during the trip, as he made several time sacrifices to make sure she was okay during these events. This grew there friendship much deeper.

When PHIA returned to start the spring school semester at her community college, she spent most of her free time talking to Proto. Proto was the person who told PHIA about Projekt Melody, which was the topic of the first episode of The Virtual Reality Show. When PHIA has the idea of making TVRS, Proto was the first person she told, and he was very supportive of the idea.

Proto gave PHIA content creation guidance as she began her endeavors, spending lots of time helping her set up things such as her first vtuber Twitch stream. Protostar shared his years of content creation experience with her. As PHIA attended eighteen credit hours of classes at two different colleges, worked a job, and made content, Proto quickly became the one person PHIA depended on since she had little time for other social interactions.

After a month of her channel, the Porter Robinson video "meeting a very inspiring fan of mine in VR" came out, and Proto helped PHIA manage her content for the influx of attention. This resulted in him becoming the official TVRS manager. Proto was on a video call with PHIA when she saw the initial message from Porter Robinson asking her about the model she had made of him.

PHIA and Proto's friendship became quite apparent as something romantic, but the pair decided to hold on off starting a relationship because of the their diverging life plans as well as the distance of living in the US versus the UK. Then, on March 26, 2020, they confessed their love to each other marking the beginning of their official relationship. Since then, the couple works hard at The Virtual Reality Show and streams together quite often on the PHIAbunny Twitch channel. Their relationship is well known in both the Monstercat and vtubing communities.

Musical style

Protostar primarily composes in drum and bass, a subgenre of electronic dance music. He also composes in dubstep and glitch hop. Having attended school for mechanical engineering, he translates his engineering skills into achieving a finer level of detail in his music. His primary DAW is Reason.


In the Protophia canon, Protostar's legal name is Proto David III Robinson Boost Star.

In Protophia Kingdom

Main article: Protophia Kingdom

Protostar rules alongside PHIA as the emperor. He is also the hero that rescued PHIA from the clutches of the evil wizard Rark, ruler of the Upside-Down-World.

In the PHIA family tree

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Protostar is PHIA's significant other just as he is in the real world. Protostar's alter egos have been in relationships with PHIA.

Alter egos



Original songs

  • Fluidity
  • 8-Bit Trip
  • Devotion
  • Fluidity
  • Lion Tamer
  • Modern Energy
  • Faded Time
  • Faded Time [SoundNet Remix]
  • ???
  • Stolen Dreams
  • Scorpion Pit
  • Scorpion Pit [VIP Mix]
  • Tastycat: The Takeover [MIX]
  • Chances
  • Genesis
  • Chrysalis Launch Party [Mix]
  • Earbod
  • No Turning Back
  • Echoes Of The Past
  • New Horizons
  • <\exit.seq>
  • </init.seq>
  • Feel Your Heart feat. Sam Tabor
  • Where I Belong Feat. Emma McGann
  • Overdrive (feat. Emma McGann)
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs x A-trak - Heads Will Roll
  • Galaxies
  • Without You (feat. Megan Lenius)



  • Disprove & Protostar - Ratchet Tank [Clip - Forthcoming Dustla]
  • Protostar & MakO - No Fire feat. Rachel Hirons
  • Mr. Bill & Protostar - Asymmetric
  • Mr. Bill & Protostar - Asymmetric [Vocal Mix Feat. Tyrone J Bain & Chase Bosward]
  • Disprove & Protostar - Ratchet Tank
  • Protostar & Draper - Chrysalis
  • Culprate & Protostar - Duality
  • MELTDOWN - Protostar & Muzzy
  • Protostar & Mandorli - Ruxxa
  • Protostar & hayve - Isolation


  • Protostar's favorite colors are neon purple and cyan.
  • The outro in Thrillseeker's videos is a custom edit by Protostar of his song "Overdrive" and features a vocal sample voiced by PHIA.
  • Using the code "Protostar" when purchasing either Subpac or Kilohearts will add a discount.
  • Protostar has never had maple syrup.


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