Psychedelics & VR: Layers of Reality

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Psychedelics & VR: Layers of Reality
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TVRS Episode 17's thumbnail
Date Aug 10, 2020
Duration 29:08
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Psychedelics & VR: Layers of Reality is the seventeenth episode of The Virtual Reality Show.


Video Description

Episode 17 of TVRS is all about Psychedelics in VR. After talking about the overlying importance of “Cyberdelics” I searched to answer 2 questions: what is it like to trip in VR, and can we simulate the life changing effects of one within a headset? This is my longest episode to date- I hope you appreciate how thoroughly I covered this topic! Special thanks to my (unnamed) guest for interviewing about his experience as well as to Joakim from AltVR for coming on to share his expertise with me! Please check out his links for more information on these subjects.



  • This is the longest TVRS episode to date.
  • This is the first time a guest has been featured on TVRS more than once.